Monday, December 9, 2013

Dragon Street Glass Gallery

We have just acquired some remarkable art and glass pieces from two of the most influential glass artists of our time.  They are here just in time for a unique gift for the holidays. 
"Pelleas and Melisande Drawings"

Titled and Signed by Dale Chihuly 
"The story allowed my imagination to go in many directions and the ambiguity of the opera gave me great freedom.  I began to envision immense glass forms on a black glass stage.  A giant glass flower - the garden.  A red tube -  Golaud's broken heart.  A pile of yellow glass - Melisande's hair that was "longer than her."  I wanted to suggest the essence of each scene in a way that was far more visual, visceral, intuitive and conceptual."

Dale Chihuly made drawings on paper before going into the hot shop where the glass blowers turned the images into sculptures.  All three pieces are framed, conservation mounted with UV glass at Dragon Street Glass Gallery.
For sale from a private collector that was with Dale during that particular time.

This photograph shows that the middle image is more yellow but all three images match in color.

AP on paper 1993   AP on paper 1993AP on paper 1993
Hand Blown Filigrana Glass Bowl by 
The native of Murano Island in the Venice Lagoon changed the  face of Northwest art, American craft, and international glass art, including that of Venice. Beginning in 1979, he made numerous             visits to Seattle and the Pilchuck Glass School to impart the storied secrets of Venetian glassblowing.
Tagliapietra became the single most important living figure for glass--after his friend Dale Chihuly who freely called him "the greatest glassblower in the world."

Coming from a private collector that was with Lino during the time these unique glass pieces were blown by Lino.  The gallery is in the finishing stages of a special case to safely display each of the three glass pieces. 
Gini  specializes in the creation of one-of-a-kind blown glass lighting and sculpture, including tablescapes and glass art for the wall. These creations, made to client specifications, range from the functional to the whimsical for homes, corporate offices, restaurants, and hospitals. Recently, she traveled to Murano, Italy and studied the "Chandelier for the New Millennium."

Each piece is unique and Gini is the only Glass Artist that has created this unique style of functional glass artwork.  A very unique piece for a collector that appreciates unique forms of functional art glass.

Our custom framing -  Still time to bring in artwork to be framed in time for the Holidays.

Large Wood Vessels by John Tisdale will be at American Fine Art at 1611 Dragon St. until December 11th before several will be shipped up to Beaver Creek -please stop by if you are interested.
Most of American Fine Art's artwork is now displayed with the furniture section  (The Leather Sofa Company) in the showroom.  It offers a better perspective on size as compared to furniture. 
Ardell and David Zueger wish to thank everyone for making this year possible and wish everyone the best for the holiday and the New Year to come.
Dragon Street Glass Gallery
American Fine Art and Frame Company
1611 Dragon Street
Dallas, Texas  75207

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