Sunday, May 26, 2013

A note from Daria Deshuk, ArtHamptons: Karyn mannix contemporary's Inaugaural Show @ Hampton Hang Gallery & Eric Firestone Galley, A View with a room

Karyn Mannix Contemporary's Inaugaural Show @ Hampton Hang Gallery

Eric Firestone Gallery: A View with a Room 

A note from Daria:  I was out and about last night in the wet cool fresh sweet salty air feeling more like early spring than the  hamptons start to our summer season. I managed to get to with my good friend Doris, first we stopped at Hampton  Hang Art in  watermill, where Karyn  has collaborated to present  "Vernacular " local land scape works... both Karyn  and Ashley, Hampton Hang Gallery, look amazing and ready for a new season in fabulous Hampton style! The show focussed on regional and landscape subject.

Then we went to East Hampton to Eric Firestone Galley where it was so packed ( looked like the NYC art crowed out for the weekend ) it was impossible to see the art... Eric brings a unique opportunity to the hamptons merging his professional passions of the comtempory art world in the local venue of his East Hampton Gallery.

All photoes courtsey for Daria Deshuk 

©Daria deshuk

Karyn Mannix: Vanacular, Local Hamptons Landscapes/

Karen and Ashley

 Scott Hewett: Lobster

The Crowd was packed in East Hampton @  Eric Firestone Galley

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  1. How great. I would have loved to have gotten to the other shows. Was a bit busy though at the Peter Marcelle Gallery in Bridgehampton at my own opening. Thanks for being there too Daria. It was great seeing you.


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