Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Braving the New World" - Mary Martin Gallery


According to Randall LaGro, intuitive painter and printmaker, our world is definitely in a time of change and transition. LaGro speaks pertinently to the situation in his show, “Braving the New World”, which will be the featured show in April at the Mary Martin Gallery.

Opening reception will be held on the evening of April the 6st from 5 pm to 8 pm.
Honoring the latent strengths and beauties of our human nature and the mystery which surrounds our lives is the theme. “This show is about the quiet glories of the human potential, our fellowship with creation and the conviction that we are bound to all of history and humanity”, states LaGro.
Using his signature artistic style, “Intuitive Poetic Realism and Abstraction”, LaGro combines elements of the conscious and the subconscious with the goal to encourage the viewer take on the subject and images as their own, finding their own story and wonderment.

Paintings, "Mystic Journey", "The child shall lead" and " Last of a species" are “poetic invitations to our primordial nature”; according to LaGro: “we are beings on a journey and what shall be the result is the ultimate question”. 

A graduate of the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, LaGro has been living in Taos, New Mexico for more than eighteen years where he paints in the historic Joseph H. Sharp studio.

As well as being nationally acclaimed for his paintings, LaGro is recognized for his special technique that has raised the standard of monotype processing, a widely misunderstood medium. Technically a print in that it involves the transfer of image, monotypes however are one of a kind, singular pieces of artwork, not multiples prints. Several of LaGro’s monochromatic monotypes are part of the show.

LaGro’s symbolic and narrative paintings and monotypes are meant to be reflective and reminders of our human journey and our potential to be fully realized. “I feel a sense of urgency. However, rather than a shout, a rant or some kind of clever art speak, I'm relying on the recognition of the human voice. I paint the paintings intuitively; and I don't like to expound too much on my thoughts, but as an example of my fascination with the power of art” states LaGro.

Randall LaGro is represented in Charleston by the Mary Martin Gallery, 103 Broad Street, Charleston, SC 29401.  Call 843-723-0303 for more information.

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