Friday, July 15, 2011

Designer Toy Awards 2011


(New York, NY, July 15, 2011) - Clutter Magazine today announced the shortlist of nominees for the first ever international Designer Toy Awards (DTA).
The shortlist, comprised of the 5 top nominees in each of the 22 categories of the DTA, represents not only the most creative and innovative designers, customizers, manufacturers and champions of the Designer Toy Movement; but also trendsetters on a global level.
There are two categories of the DTA: Board Voted Awards and Community Choice Awards. The shortlist of nominees for the Community Choice Awards was selected by fans around the world. Over the past 2 months, 3,000 designer toy aficionados voted for their favorites in each of 9 categories.
"We’re overwhelmed by the amount of public participation in the voting process,” says Miranda O’Brien, Editor-in-Chief of Clutter Magazine. “Their picks represent a new wave in the Art Toy Community and will help make the Designer Toy Awards a huge milestone for the movement.”
The shortlist of nominees for the Board Voted Awards was selected by the 49 A-list art toy stars of the DTA Board of Judges. The international Board of industry luminaries including Paul Budnitz, Ron English, Frank Kozik and Tara McPherson, to name a few, are also currently reviewing the shortlist in every category to determine the winners. The winners will be revealed at a live ceremony beginning at 9:30pm on Thursday, July 21st at the infamous Munky King The Black Ball party during San Diego Comic Con 2011.
"When voting, I looked for unique qualities of design, something that was coming out of nowhere, someone who pushed inspiration." said artist and illustrator Pete Fowler, DTA Board Member and designer of “The Toy King” DTA award.
"When voting, basically I focused on what sensibilities about the specific piece drew me into it and which one would I want in my own collection, sitting on my shelf. I thought about the toy I would want to buy." said Tara McPherson, artist and DTA Board Member.
The full shortlist of nominees for each category is available at
About The Designer Toy Awards
The Designer Toy Awards celebrates creativity, innovation and artistic excellence in the Art Toy market, which after more than a decade has not only become a prominent and legitimate form of artistic and commercial expression, it is one of the leaders in global trendsetting. The Designer Toy Awards celebrates the best of the industry’s artists, designers, customizers and manufacturers, as well as honoring those involved in championing Art Toys throughout the world. For further information about the DTA, please visit

About Clutter Magazine
Clutter is the world's premier media source for Designer Toys and the trusted thought-leader of this global subculture community. Since 2004, Clutter has been the go-to destination for creatives, companies and collectors, providing regular in-depth trend analysis directly from the vinyl frontier where fine art meets fine artifacts. With a high-quality print magazine, dynamic online portals, lively social media channels and the first industry-established annual award ceremony, Clutter is the catalyst for a uniquely active and vocal community engaged in the serious business of work and play. For further information about Clutter, please visit

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