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Art on Paper March 8-11 2018

Art on Paper
Art on Paper
Art on Paper returns to Pier 36 this March 8-11 for the fair's anticipated fourth edition. Featuring eighty-five top galleries presenting paper-based art, Art on Paper will include a program of special projectsthat highlight the diversity of paper, pushing the boundaries of the medium out into the fair's public spaces.
Art on Paper
At the Art on Paper entrance, Walter Maciel Gallery will present Understory by Timothy Paul Myers and Andrew Barnes. The life-size installation replicates a suburban basement, complete with the furnishings and objects typically found therein. The laundry machine, old bed frame, ping pong paddle and coffee maker all have their place amongst the piles and crowded shelves that make up this catch-all space. Myers and Barnes transform this familiar room by meticulously wrapping these every day objects in a layer of flesh colored, paper-based felt. The uniformity created from this tonal wash further obscures the boundaries and individuality of these every day items for the viewer. 
The Lower Eastside Girls Club
Julio Valdez Project Space will present Michele Brody's Reflections in Tea, an interactive, long-term project inspired by the worldwide tradition of drinking and sharing tea. Initially envisioned as a mobile tea house, Reflections in Tea emphasizes the invitation to enter and share tea within a semi-private space. Each ceremony focuses on the sharing of stories within the context and history of one’s community, after which participants are asked to inscribe their impressions onto the stained paper filters used to brew the tea. These tea notes are then hung together with past tea stories, culminating in the creation of an ever-growing installation of fluttering paper quilts.
The Lower Eastside Girls Club
Garvey | Simon will present several life-size sculptures by Will Kurtz. Created out of newspaper with an internal structure of wood and wire, Kurtz's subjects are real, everyday people who are often undistinguished and living on the margins of society. They have a familiarity of someone you might know or have passed on the street. Kurtz captures their resilience and vulnerability to embody a true empathy for the hardships we all share.
The Lower Eastside Girls Club
Forum Gallery will present two large-scale charcoal on paper works by William Beckman, The Bull Series #10 and Bathers. Throughout his career, Beckman has used media in unconventional ways. His drawings were honored with a retrospective exhibition organized by the Columbus Museum, GA, and then traveled to the Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock. His work is included in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery, the Columbus Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Joseph H. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, The Art Institute of Chicago and the Frye Art Museum, among others.
The Lower Eastside Girls Club
Heather Gaudio Fine Art will present Jae Ko's FLOW from the Force of Nature Series. Dating back to 1996, the Force of Nature series looks to kraft paper rolls and other industrial paper commonly used for wrapping and packing. By shifting from the medium’s flatness to its spatial configuration, Ko amasses and transforms large quantities of paper into installations either by bundling them tightly, stacking them up, or pilling them against the wall, which in turn produces folds, pleats, and gaps. With such an interplay of line and volume, movement and solidity, the Force of Nature series evokes forces of nature: arctic glacier, rolling hills, ocean tides, or blowing wind.

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Art on Paper Exhibitor List
AHA Fine Art New York
Aperture Foundation New York
AroundSpace Gallery Shanghai
Artemisa Gallery New York
Aspinwall Editions New York
Back Gallery Project Vancouver
Burnet Editions New York
C. G. Boerner New York
C24 Gallery New York
Center Street Studio Milton Village
Cheryl Hazan Gallery New York
Childs Gallery Boston
Cinders Gallery Brooklyn
CK Contemporary San Francisco
Dolan/Maxwell Philadelphia
Durham Press Durham
Electric Works San Francisco
Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery San Francisco
ex-chamber museum Tokyo
F. L. Braswell Fine Art Chicago
Fahey.Bodell.Umbrella Arts Gallery New York
Feheley Fine Arts Toronto
Forum Gallery New York
frosch&portmann New York
galerie 103 Kaua'i
Gallery Victor Armendariz Chicago
Garvey | Simon New York
Gates of the West Gilbertsville
George Billis Gallery NY/LA
Gibbons & Nicholas Dublin
Hal Katzen Gallery New York
Hashimoto Contemporary San Francisco
Heather Gaudio Fine Art New Canaan
hpgrp GALLERY New York/Toyko
Imaginario Galería de Arte Buenos Aires
Imlay Gallery Montclair
Jennifer Melby Editions Brooklyn
John Szoke Gallery New York
Julio Valdez Project Space New York
Katharina Rich Perlow Fine Arts New York
Kathryn Markel Fine Arts New York
Manifold Editions London
Masterworks Fine Art Oakland
Michele Mariaud Gallery New York
Mixografia Los Angeles
Muriel Guépin Gallery New York
Nancy Hoffman Gallery New York
Nil Gallery Paris
Ohshima Fine Art Tokyo
Paradigm Gallery + Studio Philadelphia
Paulson Fontaine Press Berkeley
Quogue Gallery Quogue
Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery London/New York
Richard Levy Gallery Albuquerque
Ronin Gallery New York
Rosenbaum Contemporary Miami
Spanierman Modern New York
Spoke Art San Francisco/New York
STOA Gallery Estepona
Stoney Road Press Dublin
Sugarlift New York
Sugarlift Presents: Nicolas V. Sanchez New York
Tamarind Institute Albuquerque
Tandem Press Madison
The Lower Eastside Girls Club New York
The Tolman Collection Tokyo/New York
Uprise Art New York
Upsilon Gallery NY/London/Miami Beach
Vertu Fine Art Boca Raton
Vietnamese Contemporary Fine Art New York
Walter Maciel Gallery Los Angeles
Walter Wickiser Gallery New York
Watanuki Ltd. | Gallery Toki-no-Wasuremono Tokyo
3walls Brooklyn
55 Bellechasse Gallery Paris/Miami
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