Monday, February 15, 2016

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery: Super Me, Ole Marius Joergensen andGiuseppe Mastromatteo. Thursday, February 25, from 6 - 8pm.

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Emmanuel Fremin Gallery is proud to present Super Me , a dual exhibition featuring the works of Ole Marius Joergensen andGiuseppe Mastromatteo.
Super Me will be held from February 25 to April 2 with an artist's reception on Thursday, February 25, from 6 - 8pm.
The Brave One
The Brave One

Ole Marius Joergensen

At the early age of seven, Oslo-based fine art photographer Ole Marius Joergensen became obsessed with Superheroes. "It was the only thing I could think of, I loved their meaningful and adventurous life".
By showing the superhero as a real human being who is willing to try anything to be able to fly but fails miserably, Joergensen combines humor and a Norwegian sense of surrealism in his work and finds inspiration in old folk tales and Nordic sagas. Many of his iconic images reflect the dreams and fears of his countrymen as well as raising questions of identity.
Identity 1

Giuseppe Mastromatteo

Giuseppe’s surrealistic digital photographs take advantage of the subtlety of digital technology to reproduce humanity in impossible and illusory dimensions. Faces are ripped; hands have eyes; human anatomy is surgically rearranged with no blood flowing in these absurd images. Transfigured bodies, pierced and lacerated do not show any form of violence, but instead pose solemnly in front of the photographer’s lens, beyond any suffering. No expression exists in these faces, there is no tension but rather a sense of timelessness that leaves us open to reflect about the uncertainty of this third millennium. Like Magritte and Man Ray, Mastromatteo intervenes in the interior sense of beauty. Body expressions have always played an important role in life and communication. Most secret emotions can be explained by the use of body language. Giuseppe Mastromatteo has succeded in creating his art by expressing his emotions in an indomitable Italian way.
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