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October 10 – November 9, 2014

Opening Reception, October 10, 6-8pm

250 Broome St., New York

New York, September 23, 2014 – Catinca Tabacaru Gallery is pleased to announce Domestic, an exhibition of new work by Greg Haberny and his first solo show with the gallery.

Known for his overt cultural and political critique rendered in a deceptively methodical chaos, Haberny now leaves behind pop iconography and social commentary to engage the intersection of personal and collective memory. Domestic marks a new trajectory for the artist, towards a place of introspection and into the interior space of his own mind. Haberny employs the gallery as canvas, reworking it into an immersive installation that evokes his practice: artworks laid flat on the floors to be walked upon, ladders propping up sculptures, and drawings pinned next to the paintings they inspire.

Having long abandoned conventional methods of painting, the works on view are the result of finger painting, tearing, layering and melting. Materials including old artworks are burnt and liquefied into new forms as Haberny orchestrates both a physical and metaphorical reincarnation of his practice.  While rendered as flat, one-plane perspectives, the works are often embedded with an array of toys and paraphernalia.  They harbor a visceral presence, visibly smeared by the artist’s hands.  As viewers living in an increasingly technological and mass-produced world, we are captured by Haberny’s techniques, which preserve the physical art of process while calling to the CoBrA Movement’s spontaneity and the primitive figuration of the New York School.

Concurrent with the gallery show, a solo exhibition of past works is currently on view at the Middlebury College Museum of Art through the month of October.


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