Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hybrid Identities & Hidden Cities | Rome
Hidden Cities & Hybrid Identities, a festival of video art and photography exhibition will be held in Rome at theRipa Hotel & CafĂ© starts again from the day July 6, 2012. Were forty-selected artists from different countries, of which fifteen twenty-seven video artists and artists photos.
The selection was made ​​based on the concept of "Hidden Cities & Hybrid Identities" which analyzes the hybridization of the physical and social identities in contemporary cities.
"They blend the colors of the hidden city with its evanescent hybrid identities: the day and night, the neon lights that illuminate the facades, the patchwork of contamination where new faces emerge, the crowds of passers-by, the subways, up to construct geometric shapes in which to play invent memories. the urban landscape, and its human bodies, perceptions become indelible. Its dynamics and characteristics are in the excess, in the static or nell'incompiuto. In these cities migrations and transformations are self-generated. Such a voracious bodies that reconstruct utopias. seductive idiosyncrasies in such imitation, repetition, the symbol and the sublime are connected all'estraniazione of modern alienation. Imagine yourself portrayed as an unexpected passer, in these vortex streets, between buildings - in a film flow of an unusual setting and unstable polymorph ". Camilla Boemio, 2012
. Organizer: International ArtExpo
. Editors: Luca Curci, Fabiana Roscioli
. Project coordinator: Claudia Dionesalvi
. Exhibition & screening places: Riparte Cafes & Space Suite, Rome - Italy
. Dates: photo exhibition: July 06-August 5, 2012 / video screenings: July 07/06/08, 2012
. Opening: July 6, 2012 at 18:30 Riparte Ripa Hotel & Cafe, Via degli Orti di Trastevere, Rome 3 -00153

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