Monday, November 15, 2021

Denise Bibro Fine Art announces their first Virtual Art Auction Tuesday, November 16 – Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Bernd Mattiebe, Untitled III, 1999, acrylic on canvas, 31 x 21.5 in. USD 1,500 – 2200

DBFA Virtual Art Auction
Tuesday, November 16 – Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Denise Bibro Fine Art is thrilled to announce the inaugural DBFA Virtual Art Auction featuring the work of Michael Ricardo Andreev, Paul Binai, David Herman, Erica Licea-Kane, Inger Sand Lee, Bernd Mattiebe, Barbara Morgan, and Peter Wiehl. Starting tomorrow, visit our Artsy page to view work and place a bid!

Michael Ricardo Andreev's prints are allegorical, emotional dialogues with the collective unconscious, emphasized by bright colors, overlapping juxtapositions of shapes, and flying objects to create a multilayered experience.

Paul Binai fuses Eastern and Western culture, depicting a mysterious dark side inspired by Noir Cinematography. His characters are drawn from literature, history, personal experiences, and memory. 

David Herman uses repetition and sequences to produce artwork imbued with unique movement and rhythm, placing emphasis on both shapes and negative space. 

Erica Licea-Kane’s multi-layered mixed-media work explores visual forms and shapes of nature, often combining them with geometric patterns, creating tension between organic and rigid structures. 

Inger Sand Lee employs organic materials to achieve a perfect synthesis of aesthetics and science in her minimalistic compositions with highly tactile surfaces.

Bernd Mattiebe explores color as an ultimate stimulus and a trigger of psychological response, taking inspiration from the works of color field master Morris Louis.

Barbara Morgan creates complex photomontages by employing old and recent negatives along with hand painting, infusing each piece with an intimate and personal touch of an artist. 

Peter Wiehl's work reflects his keen interest in the properties and characteristics of mixed media and the desire to uncover the mystery of the universal laws of transformation in natural phenomena.

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Denise Bibro Fine Art is open Tuesday – Friday by appointment only. / (212) 647-7030

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