Thursday, February 6, 2020

Interesting viewing: Ancient Treasures form Elam

Elam was an ancient kingdom of Asia, situated north of the Persian Gulf and east of the 
Tigris River, and corresponding approximately to the present-day province of Khuzistan in Iran. 
The capital of Elam and its most fabled city was Susa, today the city of Shush. This powerful 
empire has been overshadowed in history by the rival kingdoms of Babylon and Assyria. 
However, the Elamite Empire deserves to be placed in a list of the world’s most important 
and influential ancient cultures. Archaeological signatures for the area exist as far back 
as the sixth millennium B.C. The empire itself was founded in around 3200 B.C., 
and it lasted – in various guises – almost continuously until the mid first millennium 
B.C.; much of its history is also documented using the world’s earliest deciphered 
alphabet, which makes it of extraordinary value to historians and archaeologists.  
The Barakat Gallery is proud to hold an extensive 
collection of Elamite masterworks, many of which 
can be viewed below or by clicking HERE
Bronze Sword
Stone Double-Headed Ram
Bronze Staff Finial
Surmounted by a Bull
Bronze Roundel with Zoomorphic Motifs
Bronze Plaque with
Inscribed Face 
An Exquisite Silver Vessel
Bronze Handle
Alabaster Anthropomorhic Figurine
Bronze Bull Vessel
Current Bi-Weekly Auction:
Begins Wednesday February 5th
Our February auction is our first ancient Numismatics auction with all 12 lots consisting of coins from across the ancient world.  Standouts include a superb Roman Gold Aureus of Emperor Hadrian, an exceptional Macedonian Silver Tetradrachm of Alexander the Great, and a very fine Kushan Gold Dinar of Emperor Vasudeva III amongst many other selections.   Click on the image to the left to view the lots.
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