Thursday, January 30, 2020

In Yonkers New York, catch the First Thursday Gallery Hop!

5:30-7:30 PM
February 6, 2020
Every First Thursday of the Month!

2020 Kick-Off! New Artists, New Exhibitions! 

Be among hundreds of artists and art connoisseurs next Thursday during the Yonkers First Thursday Gallery Hop of 2020! Discover and explore all-new art exhibitions, meet and develop relationships with professional artists, and dine-in at local restaurants, all while learning about the history and community of the City of Yonkers, New York!

Blue Door Art Center is kicking-off 2020 with it's 12th Annual Artist-Member Exhibit, with nearly 50 artists in the same exhibit! The Riverfront Art Gallery is showcasing local artist-in-residence, Shanequa Benitez and her exhibit, Never Conform, expressing Shanequa's embodiment of the beauty of struggle. Urban Studio Unbound & Warburton Galerie announced the opening of their Winter 2020 pARTners Exhibition for Saturday, February 8, but is opening their doors to Gallery Hoppers for a special sneak peek! Their exhibition includes artists from Hewn Arts in Jersey City as their pARTners. Philipse Manor Hall Historic Site introduces artist Art Bonanno and his exhibition, Energy. His exhibition showcases a series of 32 images inspired by the history of the use of energy. The digital artwork series is an abstract interpretation of energy history and is accompanied by an open-source detailed verbal timeline.
Artist: Matt Turov - Sparked Opposites
Blue Door Art Center
13 Riverdale Avenue | Yonkers
The Blue Door Art Center is dedicated to bringing the arts to local communities throughout Westchester that are currently under-served by art programs and exhibition venues. We do this through exhibitions in our gallery, educational programs, workshops, public art projects, poetry readings, performances, and special events.
Exhibition: 12th Annual Artist-Member Exhibition

Please join us at Blue Door during February’s First Thursday Gallery Hop to get a taste of our current show, “12th Annual Artist-Member Exhibition”. Enjoy the artworks of almost 50 local artists and feel free to have a glass of wine and light refreshments. See you there!

Featured Artists: Jill Austen, Stacy Bogdonoff, Daniel Boyer, Kathryn Buckley, Dorothy Cancellieri, Nan Cao, Chris Chalfant, Demitria Chano, Doris Cordero, Julie Cousens, Richela Fabian Morgan, Rea Feriozzi, Evan Freeman, Diane Garofalo, Enrico Giordano, Patricia Gray, Mary Hardiman, Richard Haas, Carol Herd-Rodriguez, Ysabella Hincapi√©-Gara, Susan Hoeltzel, Deborah Holcombe, David Humphrey, Jonathan Lessuck, Steven Levine, Jacqueline Lorieo, Amanda Lynne, Kathleen McCarthy Udoff, Frances McGuire, Wendy Naidich, Robyne Marcus, Luis Perelman, Alfredo Ponce, Anne Price, Lee Romero, Roman Sheremet, Lily Schor, Arl√© Sklar-Weinstein, Pat Slaven, Silvia Soares Boyer, Matthew Spatz, Debora Solomon, Patricia Stuart, Renee Toback, Matthew Turov, Evelyn van der Wyk, Charles Zigmund, Judith Zucker and, more...
Artist: Sergio Barrale/ Goodbye Horses, Acrylic on Wood Panel, 12”x12” (3D Painting)
16 Warburton Avenue | Yonkers
Please note: Warburton Galerie and Urban Studio Unbound have merged.

US+U’s strength of purpose is to combine emerging and mid-career artists in a partnership to embrace a wide range of artistic approaches. This unique relationship creates a community of people who learn from each other through shared ideas and common goals.

Warburton Galerie is a 4000 sq. ft. space dedicated to bringing the public exemplary art exhibitions via collaborations with curators, art advisors and creative organizations. 
Exhibition: Winter 2020 pARTners Exhibition 

US+U/Warburton Galerie is pleased to announce the opening of our Winter 2020 pARTners Exhibition on Saturday, February 8, 2020, from 6:00-9:00 PM. For this exhibition, we welcomed artists from Hewn Arts in Jersey City as our pARTners.

Featured Artists: Michael Alan, David Alge, Sergio Barrale, Demetrio Belenky, Michelle Renee Bernard, Haifa Bint-Kadi, Shane Bullock, Henry Burgos, Monica Carrier, Scott Dennis, Julia Eisen-Lester, Aljoscha Farassat, Karen Gentile, Alan Haywood, Miriam Hendel, Amanda Ioco, Anna Kiljune, Maria Liebana, Amanda Lynn, Nancy Mendez, Nathalie Mercado, Android Oi, Luis Perelman, Alex Pergament, Guy Stanley Philoche, Richard Pitts, Jill Ricci, Bill Ross, Regina Ruff, Gregory Saint Amand, Charles Sommer, Melissa Starke, Tommy the Animator, Ice-T, Michael Vincent, Roddy Wildeman & Stefanie Wolfson. 
Exhibition: Energy

Art Bonanno will be exhibiting selected works from "Energy (Thirty-two images inspired by the history of the use of energy)" at Philipse Manor Hall in Yonkers. The digital artwork series is an abstract interpretation of energy history accompanied by a detailed online verbal timeline.
Philipse Manor Hall Gallery
29 Warburton Avenue | Yonkers
Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site serves as a museum of history, art, and architecture, and a host to community organizations, educational programs, and special events.
Featured Artist: Art Bonanno

In addition to his work as a Creative Director, Filmmaker, Designer, Fine Artist and Educator, Mr. Bonanno has been active in the Yonkers community for almost two decades creating video promoting the downtown waterfront development and providing creative services to local energy, sustainable building, theatre, and senior groups.
Exhibition: Never Conform 

Featured Artist: Shanequa Benitez 

Shanequa embodies the beauty of the struggle. She grew up in the housing projects in Yonkers, NY and is now focused on creating art through music, film, and painting. She is also a clothing designer, personal trainer and community activist. Drawing inspiration from Nina Simone and Basquiat, her art is a “reflection of the times” and is a way for her to tell her story her own way. 

Riverfront Art Gallery
Yonkers Public Library 
1 Larkin Center | Yonkers | 4th Floor
The Riverfront Art Gallery exhibits contemporary, nationally, and internationally acclaimed artwork. 

The mission of the gallery is to stimulate and encourage the study and presentation of fine arts and the public’s interest and participation therein; To foster and support the arts in the community and to serve as a portal to the arts for residents and community members; To create opportunities for the public to encounter and explore art that they might not otherwise be exposed to, increasing access to the arts in the City of Yonkers and surrounding communities.
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