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CCA – Center for Contemporary Art Tel Aviv Announces its 2020 Exhibition Programme. See below for the listings.!!!

CCA – Center for Contemporary Art Tel Aviv Announces its 2020 Exhibition Programme 


Dear friends,

CCA Tel Aviv is pleased to announce its 2020 exhibition programme. Situated in the heart of the city, CCA Tel Aviv is Israel’s foremost contemporary art institution, leading the forefront of the Israeli art scene for over 20 years, housing and commissioning works of major and emerging artists both locally and internationally.

This coming year, CCA will collaborate with major art institutions locally and internationally to showcase 9 exhibitions, 8 solo and 1 major group exhibition, bringing together artists from around the globe. Among the 8 solo exhibitions, 4 will be devoted to the work of Sharif Waked, Nicholas Hlobo, Irma Blank, Enrique Ramírez, spanning from installation to drawing, from video to sculpture. 2020 will also bring one major group exhibition to CCA Tel Aviv, NOT IN MY NAME (working title), presenting works by artists do not work along and do not work under their own name. “NOT IN MY NAME (working title)” includes time-based art and site-specific installations and it will be accompanied by a rich educational program including artists talks, curator tours, panel discussions and kids’ workshops.

We wish you a happy and prosperous year and hope to see you in 2020!

The team at CCA Tel Aviv

CCA Tel Aviv’s 2020 Highlights

Sharif Waked: Balagan
February 18 – April 4, 2020

Through sustained reflection on aesthetics and politics, Sharif Waked (*1964, Nazareth; lives and works in Nazareth and Santa Barbara, California) has consistently pierced the absurdities of reality with playful and estranged encounters between various temporalities and cultural-historical products, and political events. On the occasion of his exhibition at CCA Tel Aviv, the artist adopted the word “Balagan,” as its title. This word, which means chaos, disarray and confusion, originally comes from the Persian word balachan, and it traveled across borders to other languages such as Russian, Yiddish, Lithuanian and Hebrew.

For the exhibition Waked will present existing works alongside new works through a display specially conceived for the center ground and first floor gallery. The exhibition will include works from series – such as “Dot-Txt,” “Just A Moment,” and “Arabesque” – never presented before in Israel, as well as his iconic videos Chic Point (2003), To Be Continued (2009), and Bath Time (2012). The exhibition is curated by CCA Tel Aviv director Nicola Trezzi and it will be accompanied by a printed matter in English, Hebrew and Arabic.                                                                        

Image: Sharif Waked, "Just a Moment No. 21 (Shit)", 2018. Video, 00:00:06 min (loop), 16:9, color, silent.  , 2012, still from video, 00:02:12 min, 16:9, color, silent.
Nicholas Hlobo: Nehushtan
April 23 – June 20, 2020

Nicholas Hlobo (*1975, Cape Town; lives and works in Johannesburg) creates large sculptural structures and works on paper that explore ethnicity, masculinity, and sexual identity.

His desire to ‘deconstruct’ pillars of civilization is often directed toward the relationship between image and language, which he questions through the conceptual employment of Islamic calligraphy and arabesques, and the opposition between abstraction and figuration, which he dismantles via the creation and appropriation of mosaiced and pixelized images.

On the occasion of his exhibition at CCA Tel Aviv, Waked will present existing works alongside new works through a display specially conceived for the center ground and first floor gallery. The exhibition will include works from series – such as “Dot-Txt,” “Just A Moment,” and “Arabesque” – never presented before in Israel, as well as his iconic videos Chic Point (2003), To Be Continued (2009), and Bath Time (2012). The exhibition is curated by CCA Tel Aviv director Nicola Trezzi and it will be accompanied by a printed matter in English, Hebrew and Arabic.           
Irma Blank: BLANK
July 2 – August 29, 2020

The works of Irma Blank (*1934, Celle, Germany; lives and works in Milan) — whether on paper or canvas, large or small — assert themselves in this Apollonian space invaded by light. While at first glance one might consider Blank’s art as visual poetry, closer examination reveals how her path is a solitary and existential journey that reflects a private quest, resulting in a complete identification between writing, artwork, and life. Her calligraphy completely loses legibility through an exhausting ritual dictated either by the physical space of her arm’s movement, from left to right, or by the time articulated by the rhythm of her breath.       
Part of a large project presented in several institutions, the presentation in Tel Aviv will take place at CCA Tel Aviv, where she will present the large scale installation hdjt ljr, sound works and new works, but also at The Bauhaus Foundation in Tel Aviv, where she will insert works within the foundation permanent display of utilitarian design, and around the city, where she will recreate actions originally presented in Milan in the 1970s.
The exhibition is guest curated by Johana Carrier and Joana Neves. It will be accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue in English, summarizing her exhibitions at Culturgest in Lisbon, Mamco in Geneva, CAPC in Bordeaux, CCA Tel Aviv, Museo Villa dei Cedri in Bellinzona, ICA Milano and Centre d’Art - Bombas Gens in Valencia. A booklet in English Hebrew and Arabic will accompany the presentation in Tel Aviv.
NOT IN MY NAME (working title)
September 10 – November 11, 2020

The annual group exhibition at the center investigates the practice of artists who make art not under their own name – using different kind of pseudonyms agencies and conceptual umbrellas – and not alone – following different formats, working under communality, collectivity, and multiplicity.

Bringing together artists either coming from or working in Italy, United States, Greece, Georgia, Japan, Russia, Lithuania, Sweden, Belgium, France, Hungary, Cuba, Spain, Israel, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Mexico, and Vietnam, the exhibition will be presented in four different cities and each city will have a different focus, from instruction-based works to videos, from site-specific commissions to curating exhibitions-within-the-exhibition, as these positions are all part of the participants’ multifaceted practices.

At CCA Tel Aviv, “NOT IN MY NAME (working title)” will focus on instruction-based and ephemeral works and on works that have a strong community-based, metropolitan and political tone.   

The exhibition, sprawling over the entire building and beyond, is curated by Nicola Trezzi, together with Christelle Havránek, Irena Popiashvili, and Ūla Tornau and it will be accompanied by an exhibition guide in English, Hebrew and Arabic. It is part of a collaboration between CCA Tel Aviv, Kunsthalle Tbilisi, Kunsthalle Praha, and CAC Vilnius.

Image: Public Movement
Enrique Ramírez: What will we do…
November 19, 2020 – January 16, 2021

Enrique Ramírez (*1979, Santiago de Chile; lives and works in Paris, Brussels, and Berlin) appreciates stories within stories, fictions straddling countries and epochs, the mirages between dream and reality. The artist often uses image and sound to construct a profusion of intrigues and to occupy the equilibrium between the poetic and the political.     His imaginary worlds are attached to one obsessional element – his thinking starts with the sea, a space for memory in perpetual movement. 

For his exhibition at CCA Tel Aviv, the artist spent time in Tel Aviv and Jaffa in order to create works with different media that are inspired by specific sites in the city, to be presented at the center’s ground floor gallery. In addition, he will travel to Patagonia and research the so-called “Andinia Plan.” The result of his research will become a video, to be presented at the center’s multipurpose gallery. 

The exhibition is guest curated by Marie Gautier and it will be accompanied by a printed matter in English, Hebrew and Arabic.  
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Notes to Editor
For press inquiries or high-resolution images of the exhibitions and CCA Tel Aviv, please contact Jacob Peres Office:
 Omer Shachar, 

About CCA Tel Aviv
CCA – Center for Contemporary Art Tel Aviv is housed in a municipal building that contains three galleries – ground floor, first floor and multipurpose galleries – in its approximately 300 square meter facilities. These spaces often come to life through solo exhibitions, 6 to 9 yearly, and have housed the work of major international artists who have not shown in Israel before, including Marina Abramović, Sharon Lockhart, Gary Hill, Rebecca Horn, and Christian Jankowski. Many important Israeli artists have had their first institutional solo exhibitions at CCA Tel Aviv, including Yael Bartana, Guy Ben Ner, Roee Rosen, Nir Evron, Michal Helfman, and Nira Pereg. 


CCA Tel Aviv was founded in 1998 to promote time-based contemporary artistic practices in Israel. Operating from a small room at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, CCA Tel Aviv revolutionized the art world in Israel by presenting the most cutting-edge local and international artwork. In addition to a series of video and experimental cinema screened from 1998 to 2005 at the Cinematheques throughout the country (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Rosh Pina, and Sderot), CCA Tel Aviv initiated and curated Blurrr – International Performance Art Biennial (2007-2009) and VideoZone – International Video Art Biennial (2002-2008); established the Fund for Video-Art and Experimental Cinema to support Israeli video art and experimental film; produced Artattack, a television program dedicated entirely to video art, broadcast from 2001 to 2004 on community television channels throughout the country; and founded the Video Archive that contains over 5000 video works from the 1960s to the present by Israeli and international artists. In November 2005, the Tel Aviv Municipality granted CCA Tel Aviv with its own building at the Rachel and Israel Pollak Gallery, where the center presents its exhibitions, projects, screenings, lectures, and performances. CCA Tel Aviv is an essential component of the cultural landscape in Israel and is committed to continuing to engage its public with groundbreaking contemporary art. 


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