Tuesday, October 17, 2017

George Billis Gallery/ Print all In new window Christopher Stott, Piero Spadaro & kinetic sculpture by Ken Bortolazzo on view through November 4

Christopher Stott

October 3 - November 4, 2017

Christopher Stott: Press Release

Piero Spadaro

October 3 - November 4, 2017

Piero Spadaro: Press Release

Ken Bortolazzo

October 3 - November 4, 2017

Ken Bortolazzo: Press Release


David Barnett

David Barnett is featured in ODD BEAUTY: The Techno-Eccentric World of Steampunk, September 23 - November 12 at the Southampton Arts Center in the Hamptons. In the 10 years since this small, eccentric genre exploded to life on the internet, Steampunk has globally grown to influence virtually every form of the visual arts and design. Beginning with the re-imagined, visual language of the 19th Century Victorian Era, Steampunk now counts its inspirations as far back as the mechanical drawings of Leonardo da Vinci to the bold, streamlined locomotives of Raymond Lowey. But what gives this art form its singular identity is the artists’ visual and cultural fascination with mechanical, gear-driven technologies of the past.  

This exhibition presents works from the most notable Steampunk artists and designers in the field and features visual art, technologies, and contraptions extraordinaire, all of which richly illustrate the need for a messy vitality which allows the imagination to soar. ODD BEAUTY is the most ambitious International Steampunk exhibition since it made its wildly successful premiere at Oxford University’s Museum of the History of Science in 2009 and later at South Korea’s Seoul National Museum in 2014. 

David Barnett: Artist Page

Peggie Blizard

A new painting on view by Peggie Blizard. 

“Ideal Twins”, oil on panel, 30x40”

Peggie Blizard: Artist Page

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