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VOLTA LIVE! A supercharged short-list of VOLTA artist activities occurring around the world Autumn 2017 Newsletter

VOLTA drone flight, photo: Michael Kunz (vollbild FOTOGRAFIE)

A supercharged short-list of VOLTA artist activities occurring around the world
Autumn 2017 Newsletter

Recently… — Itamar Freed (VOLTA NY 2017 w/ Litvak Contemporary, Tel Aviv) // beginning BigCi (Bilpin International Ground for Creative Initiatives) residency at UNESCO World Heritage Greater Blue Mountains (Australia)

Just opened: Frohawk Two Feathers (VOLTA10 w/ Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York) + Kendell Geers (VOLTA13 w/ ADN Galería, Barcelona) + Mohau Modisakeng (VOLTA NY 2017 w/ Whatiftheworld, Cape Town) + Athi-Patra Ruga (VOLTA10 w/ Whatiftheworld, Cape Town), curated by Mark Coetzee in All Things Being Equal…, the inaugural exhibition at Zeitz MOCAA (Cape Town), on view through FEB 19, 2018

Beginning OCT — Tracey Snelling (VOLTA12 w/ Krupic Kersting Galerie | Kuk, Cologne) // 10-year major sculptural commission Criminal City for Historisches Museum Frankfurt (Frankfurt am Main)

OCT 1 – JAN 10, 2018 — Marko Tadic (VOLTA12 w/ Laura Bulian Gallery, Milan) // in The 1st Anren Biennale, Today’s Yesterday, curated by Marco Scotini for Ning Liang Old Factory (Anren, Chengdu)

OCT 1 – MARCH 2018 — Doreen Garner (VOLTA NY 2016 Curated Section Something I Can Feel, curated by Derrick Adams and presented by Cindy Rucker Gallery, New York) // in Socrates Annual at Socrates Sculpture Park (Queens)
White Man On a Pedestal (WMOAP) with Kenya (Robinson), Pioneer Works (Brooklyn), NOV 11 – DEC 17

On view through OCT 2 – Armando Mariño (VOLTA NY 2013 w/ 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, New York) + José Angel Vincench (VOLTA NY 2017 w/ 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, New York) in Sin mascaras. Arte Afrocubano Contemporáneo / Without Masks: Contemporary Afro-Cuban Art, Museo Nacional de Belles Artes (Havana)

OCT 7 — Rachel Monosov (VOLTA NY 2015 w/ Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, New York) // enacts Belgian premiere of her performance Transcultural Protocol at the Thalielab (Brussels); this action follows the performance’s debut in Venice, alongside Admire Kamudzengerere for the Zimbabwe Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale

On view through OCT 8 — Cevdet Erek (VOLTA11 w/ Akinci, Amsterdam) + Shahpour Pouyan (VOLTA9 w/ Lawrie Shabibi, Dubai) // in Jameel Prize 4, organized by Victoria & Albert Museum (London) and Art Jameel for Asia Culture Centre (Gwangju)

On view through OCT 8 — Tammy Salzl (VOLTA NY 2017 w/ dc3 Art Projects, Edmonton) // solo Into the Woods, Two Rivers Gallery (British Columbia, Canada)

On view through OCT 8 — Anne Wenzel (VOLTA13 w/ Akinci, Amsterdam) // solo exhibition Chasing Silence, Princessehof (Leeuwarden, NL)
+ documentary Re-Defining Balance (as a matter of fact), directed by Marieke van der Lippe about Wenzel’s monumental work for the courthouse of Zwolle

On view through OCT 9 — Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan (VNY 2017 w/ Art Front Gallery, Tokyo) // Hello, City!, Daejeon Museum of Art (KR)

OCT 9 – 22 — Rachel Rampleman (VOLTA NY 2017 w/ X Contemporary, New York) // in Still They Persist, Contemporary Arts Center (Cincinnati, OH)

OCT 10 – 23 — Emerald Rose Whipple (VOLTA NY 2016 w/ Galerie Jan Dhaese, Ghent) // in Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series group exhibition at Allouche Gallery (New York), with reception on OCT 19 at 18:00.

OCT 11 — Assunta Abdel Azim Mohamed (VOLTA13 w/ HilgerBROTKunsthalle, Vienna) // in conversation with curator David Illington at Austrian Cultural Forum London, 7PM. The event is concurrent with Mohamed’s solo debut in London with longtime VOLTA gallery Danielle Arnaud, on view through 21 OCT.

OCT 12 – 15 — Liz Jaff (VOLTA NY 2017 w/ Robert Henry Contemporary, Brooklyn) // in HubWeek, organized by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, at Boston City Hall (Boston, MA)

OCT 12 – NOV 1 — Levan Mindiashvili (VOLTA NY 2017 w/ The Lodge Gallery, New York) // in Limits of My City, Georgian National Museum (Tbilisi)
+ through OCT 15, the 7th Beijing International Art Biennale, The Silk Road and World’s Civilizations, National Art Museum of China (Beijing)

OCT 13 – DEC 17 — Lee Ranaldo (VOLTA NY 2015 w/ Galerie Jan Dhaese, Ghent) // solo exhibition LOST IDEAS at Stadsmuseum ’t Schippershof (Menen, BE)

On view through OCT 14 — George Jenne (VOLTA NY 2017 w/ Lump, Raleigh) // in Southern Accent: Seeking the American South in Contemporary Art, curated by Trevor Schoonmaker and Miranda Lash for Speed Museum (Louisville KY)

On view through OCT 15 — Nikita Kadan (VOLTA11 w/ Laura Bulian Gallery, Milan) // in URBS SACRA, curated by Malgorzata Grygielewicz and Ann Stouvenel for Mains d’oeuvres (Saint Ouen, FR)

On view through OCT 15 — Hedwig Brouckaert (VOLTA NY 2014 w/ Galerie Jan Dhaese, Ghent) // in Look Now, Palazzo Vendramin Costa (Venice)

OCT 20 – FEB 18, 2018 — Melanie Bonajo (V11 w/ Akinci, Amsterdam) // Blind Faith: Between the Visceral and the Cognitive in Contemporary Art, Haus der Kunst (München)

OCT 21 – NOV 19 — Mai Miyake (VOLTA13 w/ Gallery Kogure, Tokyo/New York) // in Kakegawa Chaennale at Shiseido Art House (Kakegawa City)

On view through OCT 22 — Shoplifter (VOLTA NY 2016 w/ Hverfisgalleri, Reykjavik) // solo exhibitionTaugafold VII/Nervescape VII, curated by Birta Gudjónsdóttir for the National Gallery of Iceland (Reykjavik)

On view through OCT 22 — Nikki Rosato (VOLTA NY 2015 w/ Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans) // Cut Up/Cut Out, Bellevue Arts Museum (WA), traveling to Huntsville Museum of Art (AL) on NOV 19
https://www.bellevuearts.org ; http://hsvmuseum.org

On view through OCT 22 — Joiri Minaya (VOLTA NY 2017 Curated Section Your Body is a Battleground, curated by Wendy Vogel and presented by Casa Quien, Santo Domingo) // in Bronx Calling: The Fourth AIM Biennial, Bronx Museum of the Arts (Bronx NY)

On view through OCT 22 — Antoine Schmitt (VOLTA13 w/ Galerie Charlot, Paris) // in Languages Machine, Fondation Vasarely/Seconde Nature (Aix-en-Provence)
+  Embush (from the series War), Sony Center Screen (Berlin), on view through NOV 24

OCT 26 — 7PM – 9PM, panel discussion with Shaun Leonardo (VOLTA NY 2016 Curated Section Something I Can Feel, curated by Derrick Adams and presented by BRIC + Mighty Tanaka, Brooklyn) + Cheryl Pope (VOLTA13 w/ Galleria Bianconi, MIlan) and jc lenothan, at St. John’s University Manhattan Campus (New York), related to their participation in Diamonds, Rings and Courts: Sport is More than a Game, on view at Dr. M.T. Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery at SJU (Jamaica Queens), w/ Derek Fordjour (VOLTA NY 2016 w/ Papillion Art, Los Angeles), on view through NOV 14

On view through OCT 29 — Anastasia Khoroshilova (VOLTA13 w/ HilgerBrotKunsthalle, Vienna) // TRANSLATION / Le vent nous portera, curated by Dr. Christine Nippe for Kommunale Galerie Berlin

On view through OCT 29 — Amy Schissel (VOLTA NY 2016 w/ Patrick MIkhail Gallery, Montréal/Ottawa) // solo exhibition New World Order at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (Pittsburgh)

On view through NOV 1 — Tets Ohnari (VOLTA13 w/ Tezukayama Gallery, Osaka) // in 24th Ceramic Sculpture exhibition at Central Bohemian Museum (Roztoky, CZ)

NOV 1 – 19 — Mohau Modisakeng (VOLTA NY 2017 w/ Whatiftheworld, Cape Town) // in South African Pavilion Without Walls, Performa 17 (New York)

On view through NOV 5 — Liliane Tomasko (VOLTA NY 2017 w/ Marc Straus, New York) // in Abstract Painting Now! at Kunsthalle Krems (AU)
beide | both w/ Sean Scully, KUNSTWERK – Sammlung Klein (Eberdingen-Nussdorf, DE)

On view through NOV 5 — Nicu Ilfoveanu (VOLTA13 w/ Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest) + Olivia Mihaltianu (VOLTA13 w/ Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest), in Life a User’s Manual, the Art Encounters Bienale (Timisoara)

On view through NOV 12 — Burçak Bingöl (VOLTA NY 2015 w/ Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul/Berlin) // in a good neighbor, the 15th Istanbul Biennial

On view through NOV 12 — Entang Wirhaso (VOLTA10 w/ Marc Straus, New York) // in The Art Show – Art of the New Millennium in Taguchi Art Collection, at the Museum of Modern Art (Gunma, JP)

Nov 18 - Feb 25, 2018 — Prospect.4 New Orleans ‘The Lotus in Spite of the Swamp’ // Derrick Adams (VNY 2016 curator) + Taiyo Kimura (VOLTA10 w/ Artcourt Gallery, Osaka) + Lavar Munroe (VNY 2015 w/ Nomad Gallery, Brussels)

OCT 26 – JAN 7, 2018 — mounir fatmi (V13 w/ CONRADS, Düsseldorf) // Transition States, Officine dell’Immagine (Milan)
NOV 10 – JAN 8, 2018 — Diaspora Now! – Contemporary Arts around the Homeland group exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts Gifu (Gifu)

NOV 29 – DEC 3 — Federico Solmi (VOLTA NY 2017 w/ Luis De Jesus Los Angeles) participates in On Desire, the Frankfurt B3 Biennale of Moving Image

Through NOV 30 — Entang Wirhaso (VOLTA10 w/ Marc Straus, New York) in residence at ISCP NY (Brooklyn), sponsored by The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Inc.

DEC 1 — APR 2 2018 — Thorsten Brinkmann (VOLTA NY 2017 w/ Pablo’s Birthday) // in Künstlerbücher. Die Sammlung / The Artists Books Collection, Hamburger Kunsthalle (Hamburg)

On view through DEC 15 — Olivia Mihaltianu (VOLTA13 w/ Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest) // in Out of Place, the 3rd Mediterranean Biennale, Sakhnin Valley, organized by AMOCA/The Arab Museum of Contemporary Art (Sakhnin, Israel)

On view through DEC 17 — Koen Delaere (VOLTA NY 2016 w/ Gerhard Hofland, Amsterdam/Leipzig) // in Scenarios of Desire, curated by Colin Huizing for Kunsthalle CCA Andratx (Mallorca)

On view through DEC 31 — Kathleen Vance (VOLTA NY 2017 w/ Rockelmann &, Berlin) + Dan Halter (VOLTA8 w/ Whatiftheworld, Cape Town) // in Baggage Claims, co-curated by Ginger Duggan and Judy Fox for Orlando Museum of Art (Orlando)

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