Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hand In Hand 2017 Red Cross Salvation Army Where does inspiration come from? From Cindy Carstans

"Serenity" - Oil on Canvas - 18 x 24"
Our thoughts and prayers are with all the peoples affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. If you haven't already made a donation to help, below are three reputable charities who are there right now giving of themselves for others. If you are able to assist, please help today.
Hand In Hand 2017
Red Cross
Salvation Army

Where does inspiration come from?

     Competitive athletes, medical researchers, business leaders, engineers, musicians, teachers and many others all have one thing in common. They were "inspired" to solve a problem; or find a new way to make learning fun and challenging; or be the best in their fields; or invent something that did not exist before.
     The common denominator of revelation is heart. It is where all inspiration begins.
     Artists are no different.
     Inspiration for my own work began as a stubborn and rather angry spurning of a series of tragedies - they had broken my spirit, and my heart into a million pieces. But I would not be buried quietly.
     10 years ago, after painting more traditional landscapes for most of my career, my heart beaten and desolate, I looked to the heavens for a way to fight back - to heal & renew my essence to whole. Every painting since has begun with an atmospheric condition - the sky - and develops from there. Each cloud formation or reflection of the sun is an assurance that life goes on and we are never truly alone.
     Despite all of our differences, we are more alike than different. We all exist under the same sky, under the same stars; there is only one moon and only one sun for the inhabitants of earth.
     My inspiration may have been born of a broken heart, but I believe the work that turns our awareness toward promise and unity epitomizes dreams of hope.
     And hope is my ultimate inspiration. 
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"Sea of Skies" - Oil on Canvas - 24 x 48" - One of my favorite pieces.

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