Friday, August 8, 2014

Fine Art Magazine - SuperMoon Movie

On July 22nd as I lay in bed the moon was rising from
my bedroom window.  The muses called. I
shot 180 images of the super moon at around 8:50 and shot for an hour and 20
minutes. Many of these images contained a second phantom moon with in the photo
lending mystery.

This night “my” Super Moon did not peek through the clouds;
she blazed her light with an intensity I had not felt or seen before. I was
stirred and moved to record the impression I was experiencing, new and old as
time at once, rich and full…

A skeletal bare bones video of just the images has been
edited, musical score has been written by Michael Ernst and the process has
begun to produce a documentary short movie. I have begun interviews of wonderful
and strong woman, archetypical heroin’s who inspire, fueling each of us to
broaden our artistic creative walk in life.
I have no preconceived Idea as to what my interviewees should say;
rather I am in quest of finding what inspires each individual to speak through
the arts.

My images were shot with a Conon t41 using three different
lenses, 18-135, 40mm, 50-250. All three captured a double image of the moon to
a greater or lesser degree from my veranda-facing south as the moon traversed
the night sky. Not all images contain the multiple moons. I moved the tripod several
times.  Shot from differing positions and
using different lensed, many times the same phantom of a second moon occurs.

My mind began to race, as I shot, seeing what was capturing,
I reflected from the explanations for the Lilith, the black moon and other
stories I had heard over many years involving the feminine divine. I am artist,
not a scientist. This dialogue is about the possibilities the feminine mystique
holds for the heroic, every day actions of women in today’s world who touch the
sky and hold up the Vaulted Ceiling of Creation daily with ordinary or
extraordinary acts of heroism. Much like the Egyptian Goddess Nut, women hold
their universal shies aloft.

Part  Part II will be coming shortly,
Thanks to all who watch , Jamie 


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