Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Casey Chalem Anderson “Atlantic Curl at Dune Beach” Catching the wave after Labor day

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Casey Chalem Anderson “Atlantic Curl at Dune Beach” 24 x 36 oil

The change of season as if on cue after Labor Day startled me. Right away, I felt loss that somehow the summer got away.  As soon as I realized how futile a thought that was and how it didn’t serve me one bit, I shifted to appreciating what is here.  And it is glorious!
At the ocean the water is alive with very small white caps in the distance.  As the current rolls in and across eastward all is activated.  Yet the people at the beach seem calmer.  They certainly have more space for themselves than in the high season. The energy is no longer frenzied with the pressure of squeezing in a good time memory of the summer.
September at the beach is a bonus to enjoy.  People are simply happy to be here, right now in this very moment.   The relief is palpable.   I see it on people’s faces as they walk on to the beach and take in the vast ocean that is so much deeper, bigger and more powerful that we can imagine.
Here is my most recent Atlantic Ocean wave from Dune Beach in Southampton, a Peconic Land Trust conserved property.  I always find luxurious color in the diffused light and sparkling bursts of foam in the waves as they crash to shore.
To see more wave paintings click here : http://caseyart.com/portfolio-gallery/ocean-waves/
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This month I will again be donating 10% of my sales to the Peconic Land Trust as our highly anticipated and always well attended early October annual exhibition opens October 4, 5, 6 at Ashawagh Hall in Springs – East Hampton
I am a founding member of Plein Air Peconic, the artist group dedicated to helping the Peconic Land Trust conserve the natural beauty of the East End of Long Island.


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