Saturday, June 8, 2013

AFA Gallery: Steampunk Sculptures by Pierre Matter Reception to the artist: June 8th | 5-7PM

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 Steampunk Sculptures by Pierre Matter
Reception to the artist: June 8th | 5-7PM 
  Contact Sarah Leboulanger / 212.226.7374  

GALLERY HOURS | Monday-Saturday, 10-7PMSunday, 11-6PM
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Born in Munster, France, Mr. Matter was a mystical child then a tormented teenager, studying mathematics. Via a series of twists and turns, he ended up turning to the "mystical world of art," working with a host of media (oil on canvas, gouache, ink - including comic strips - and bas-relief on stone), before becoming a sculptor. 
Today, the Artist works mostly with bronze and recycled objects, using welders, plasma cutters, laser cutters and grinders to shape and sculpt. "I'm a kind of salvager. I feel like a child in a heap of sand, but instead of sand, there's a lot of recycling and scrap, full of magnificent objects. Often, the sculpture which emerge from these scraps of metal speak to us of who we are and how our future might be." His main influences are Bilal, Giger, Jodorowsky and Dali. Mr. Matter has created monumental installations and his work is in important collections around the world. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world: Paris, London, New-York, Miami, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Duba├» to name a few.
54 Greene Street, NY NY 10013 (corner of Broome Street)
Hours:   Monday - Saturday, 10am - 7pm / Sundays 11am - 6pm
For more information, please call the gallery at 212.226.7374.
Pierre Matter Bio
Pierre Matter's Sculptures

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