Monday, April 8, 2013

Kim Dorland Ghosts of You and Me @ the Mike Wiss Gallery

 Kim Dorland
 Ghosts of You and Me 

  Opening May 2, 2013
  On View Through June 8 

  520 West 24th Street
  New York, NY 10011
  T. 212 691 6899

Kim Dorland / Ghost of a Drunk (or Self-Portrait) / 2013 /
Oil and acrylic on jute over wood panel / 96 x 72 in.
Mike Weiss Gallery is pleased to present Canadian artist Kim Dorland's third solo exhibition at the gallery, a tour-de-force of large-scale oil works on canvas that transport us to a place of heightened psychological portent as they transfix us with an undeniably sensual physicality. Known for his thick impasto marks and near-sculptural effect, Dorland's newest body of work amps up recent color palettes, returning to fluorescent oranges and penetrating, acrid greens, liberating their application into a looser expression of drips and washes. The title, Ghosts of You and Me, besides being a Leonard Cohen lyric and woeful personal reflection, alludes to the at-times otherworldly glow that now grips his subjects: lone drunks and sleepwalking dreamers, ghostly clearings in dark forests, and glimpses of the artist so engulfed in his own creative act that we, as viewers, seem to hover at their perimeter.

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