Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alice Aycock Parrish Museum Opening review

Alice Aycock Drawings:Some Stories Are Worth Repeating
April 21, 2013 to July 13, 2013

Ayice Aycock, The Parrish Crowd
The opening of Alice Aycock's Drawings, at the Parrish Museums last night was well attended. Alice's exhibition was interspersed with sculptural maquettes depicted with in the drawings. An understanding of Sacred Geometry was explored; possible astrological or mystical influences could be interpreted from this display. Incorporated into the images, as an understanding of Art, Design & Architecture stated as artistic metaphors seen in engineering, reflections into Di Vinci, M.C. Esher, and from my viewpoint the early Russian Avant Garde art.   Additional vast cultural influences may be seen in the works reflective of Thangka paintings, Persian Mosaics, possible engineered space and time warps. Aycock's unusual mechanical perspective was in part noted as foray into computer imagery. The artists expression is labeled as...Aycock is an artist who thinks on paper,” writes Terrie Sultan ... “Her spectacular drawings are equal parts engineering plan and science-fiction imagining. As in all of her work, fantastic narrative writings weave in and out of her images, inspiring her production of sculptural objects, drawings, and installations.”... Sultan Terri, http://parrishart.org/ 4/21/2013 Parrish Art Museum’s Adjunct Curator Jonathan Fineberg, Gutgsell Professor of Art History Emeritus at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign  Urbaan, organized this exhibit. The exhibition's slant or emphasis seems to reflect Urbana's academic environment, as a great Social Science university possibly not fully capturing the intend of the works as displayed. Language as Metaphor, seen to be developed with in a statistical analytic lens possibly seen as the computer or engineering may have influenced this curators understanding, spin, and or story retelling with in the exhibition as dialogue. I felt the display of Alice Aycock's work, Some Stories Are Worth Repeating, shown in an almost static atmosphere not in keeping for what is an outstanding etherial, out of the box, collection of works. Do visit the Parrish on line or in person to enjoy Alice Aycock’s works.


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