Friday, February 15, 2013

David S. Allee: Closing Brunch Saturday, Feb. 16th

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David S. Allee
Room, 2013, Edition of 2, Chromogenic Print, 56h x 84w in

Join DAVID S. ALLEE on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 10AM-1PM for a closing brunch in celebration of his third solo exhibition at Morgan Lehman Gallery, FRAME OF VIEWrecently featured in The New Yorker and New York Magazine.

In Frame of View, Allee continues to explore the common theme of shifting perceptions of reality in the current digital age of photography. By focusing his lens primarily on the window frame, Allee transforms three-dimensional views, such as a city skyline or an overgrown garden, into the illusion of a two-dimensional picture plane, emphasizing how we increasingly view the world through the frame of a flat surface or screen. Taking inspiration from illusionist and tromp l'oeil paintings, Allee challenges the view to reconsider what is in front of them. Frame of View acknowledges the capacities of our current digital age and stops to consider the changing perception and definition of images, photography, reality and illusion. 

View more of Frame of View here.

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