Thursday, October 27, 2011

Leg Timchenko's Come Together


Oleg Timchenko, Dilema, 2011 (Acrylic on canvas, 100x100cm.)

Oleg Timchenko

October 25 - November 6, 2011
Opening reception:  October 27, 2011 6-9 P.M.

Fragmented from this famous song, Oleg Timchenko’s exhibition, Come Together symbolizes reflections of variable subjects, themes, and emotional moods. With his works, Oleg Timchenko, invites us to visit an entirely new world of possibilities.

 Timchenko’s paintings confront ambiguity and guide us to a state of being and belonging. This duality can be sensed in the apparently lonely context where his characters are situated, some anxious and uncertain, some exuberant and merry.  As titans fighting against each other and loosing strength, figures riding hieratically looking for a path, children running to eternity and loneliness surrounded by wealth - these are all part of the complexity in his paintings. However, the visible desolation in each ouvre is stabilized with an atmosphere of hope. Here is the expressive power in the art that develops poignant tension and emotional force that is equally balanced with the desire to discover and live in a world full of love, camaraderie, ecstasy and light.

Oleg Timchenko’s works pull spectators away from reality into the great unknown. We get a glimpse of his imagination through the lines and colors that create an intimacy that leaves you with dreamy nostalgia and a subtle feeling of unrest while at the time invites us to join him on his journey of love and harmony.
So lets “come together”


Oleg Timchenko

In 1917, due to the noble origin of his heritage, Oleg’s family was forced to flee their
homeland for fear of repressions shortly after Russian revolution.

Oleg’s Grandfather, Evgenyi Gulitskii, was a famous businessman who aided the first Russian aviators and various progressive hi-tech projects of his time, while his brother Konstantine worked in a royal chancellery for Emperor Nicholas II.

His father Ivan Timchenko was originally from Vitebsk, graduated from the Geological Institute, and worked in Caucasus where he met Oleg’s mother – his future wife and stayed to live in Tbilisi. Oleg Timchenko was born in old district of Tbilisi in 1957 where he went to local public school, and in 1982 he graduated Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts.

1987 through 1991, Oleg worked as a painter in the Marjanishvili Theater. There Timchenko and his friends created theatric group “10-th floor” and several years later created the painters’ group “Marjanishvili” which immediately attracted the attention of critics and professionals in 1980’s when staged performances, installations and actions involving men from the street.

His work has been exhibited across Europe from Georgia, Prague, Budapest to Berlin, Paris and the UK. His works are in the permanent collections of prestigious museums such as Tsaritsino Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia, Tbilisi Museum of Contemporary Art and Ludwig Museum, Budapest , Hungary. His artworks remain in private collections coveted by private collectors such as Wolfgang Flatz, President Saakashvili, and Badri Patarkachishvili - among others.

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