Wednesday, September 18, 2019

History Buffs, Antique Collectors catch Barakat's Roman Marble Relief Fragment

An Exceptional Roman Marble Relief Fragment
250 AD to 270 AD
This fine marble relief fragment was most probably taken from the corner of a
monumental lion-hunt sarcophagus. It is finely carved in high relief in the manner
of a young hunter who wears a chlamys fastened around his right shoulder with
his head carved almost in the round and turned sharply to his right just enough
to make out his long sideburns. His face is composed of large eyes with
recessed crescent pupils and incised irises while his hair is swept up
and back from his forehead in long wavy locks.
This item is now on view in our current Barakat Seoul
exhibition featured below.  To read further please click the
image above.  To see additional artifacts from the
Roman Art Collection please click HERE
The Glory of the Classical World
Barakat Seoul proudly presents "The Glory of the Classical World: Selections from the Ancient Greek & Roman Art Collection," an exhibition of ancient Roman and Greek artworks representing the “eternal canon of Western culture,” from Wednesday, September 4th to Saturday, December 7, 2019.  For more information on this show and the pieces featured please click on the image to the left.
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Egyptian Wooden Funerary Mask
Roman Glass Drinking Cup
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