Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Casey Chalem Anderson at the 52nd Springs Invitational at Ashawagh Hall. August 2nd., 2-5 PM

Blue Twilight

Casey Chalem Anderson

In the 07/30/2019 edition: 
By Casey on Jul 30, 2019 07:28 am
Blue Twilight 24 x 24 inches oil/wood
When viewing a screen image you can never fully realize the quality and subtlety of the pigments in an oil painting. There is so much more color sensation and wonder about how the paint functions when observing it in real life. This is what makes an original painting so engaging. You can puzzle the progression of what was painted first, second, last. This painting could have only been created in a specific order. It’s not something I planned, it is a record of what happened as the painting developed. A painting has the time it took to make it baked in to the overall consciousness of the work. Please come have a look at the real thing!
52nd Annual Springs Invitational at Ashawagh Hall (780 Springs Fireplace Road)
Opening Reception this Friday, August 2 –  5-8 pm

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