Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Flora, Fauna, & Football: Fun form Betteri. We love the color and global concept though art of Art and Sports bringing people together

Introducing the 2018 Art Series

Flora, Fauna & Football

Flora, Fauna & Football: Mexico. 2018  | Acrylic on canvas  | 60x48 inches
It is a new generation. Art must change too.
With flora, flaura, and football I wanted to depict perspective in different forms through geometry and scale of figures. I also wanted to depict the duality between the real and virtual world through the use of fine brush strokes and linear strokes. The paintings show a different array of colors balancing though different sizes in shapes. Each color was picked by either the county's flag or their landscapes.
Flora & fauna display motion through the use of static images positioning in different parts of the painting, while the bodiless figure depict motion through the use of a larger brush strokes. 
Flora, Fauna & Football: Russia. 2018  | Acrylic on canvas  | 60x36 inches

Why does football brings so much joy to so many people globally? 

I believe that it is because of the combination of; rooting for a team that represents your culture , your country, your colors and it is a global sport that anybody can play. Football, for many people, it is part of your heritage and roots.  It grows on us as specific flora and fauna grows on every part of the world. Perhaps, this is why some team's nicknames are often called after some animals from that specific region. Although there is a wide variety of flora and fauna in every country [because of their different climate, soil, and vegetation zones], there are some specific animals or plants/flowers that are representative of that country.
This painting is about the flora & fauna from Russia. The brown bear and the imperial eagle are 2 of the fauna that can represent this country and the camomile is the official flower of Russia. The painting is finally finished and it will be exhibiting in Moscow at Boogie Gallery during the last 2 weeks of the World Cup. 
These two new paintings, will be part of a World Cup exhibit in Moscow from July 3rd to July 18th at Artplay & Boogie Gallery. 
 I'd love your support in my fundraising efforts if possible! I appreciate it in advance!

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