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SATELLITE ART SHOW 2017 will be held at the Ocean Terrace Hotel Dec. 7-10





SATELLITE ART SHOW 2017 will be held at the Ocean Terrace Hotel, an abandoned beachfront hotel that provides us with complete creative control. Our alternative venue coupled with our focus on experiential installations, makes SATELLITE the antithesis to the standard art fair. We look forward to welcoming you! #satelliteartshow #notbasel

NOVEMBER 16, 2017

40 rooms of an abandoned hotel repurposed into immersive, experiential, and often participatory exhibitions. SATELLITE, now in its third year is an artist-run and concept-driven alternative art fair that positions itself at the convergence of art, performance, new media, and technology. “The return to our dystopian hotel is a natural move for us. South Beach was great last year, but we were restricted by the regulations of the space. This year we will provide a truly visionary experience for our guests, restriction free” said SATELLITE creative director Brian Whiteley of the fair’s experiential emphasis.
SATELLITE’s repurposed hotel spaces will house a dynamic array of art presentations. Some notable projects include acclaimed collective Meow Wolfcreating a brand new environment specially for SATELLITE. Returning for the third year in a row is New Orleans own Dangerous Rose. This year Rose will present her newest project “Clown-Cockateur”, a provocative and sensual “clown-meets-pole-dancer” experience. Performance is Alive’s nonstop performance art lounge returns for the second year and will feature over 20 pieces with interactive performances, durational works on the beach and video screenings. Some highlights of the program will be a politically focused panel discussion/slumber party hosted by Operation Catsuit, Ayana Evans and PINK PRIVACY, and an intimate performance by acclaimed poet/artist Jessica Yatrofsky. Miami’s Borscht Corp (a popular biennial in film, tech and performance) is set to debut a special installation of works just for SATELLITE and is a great opportunity to discover local talent during an arts week typically focused on international players. Bushwick’s Famous On Mars returns for the second year and has partnered with Susie Magazine to produce a rotating array of wearable art objects, live tattooing (2 days), a zine nook with feminist publications available to peruse and purchase, and fine art objects with a strong participatory component. Miami’s Nice’N Easy will be transforming the main lobby of SATELLITE into a hazy, beach-dazed “guest check-in” installation. If you’re looking to check out some cutting edge works of art and get a free hair cut/dye job, head to the TANGA collective’s booth. The School of Visual Arts NY will present two installations, one of which includes a lie detector test inside of a defunct bathroom. Keeping fun and interactivity at the forefront, SATELLITE has two “Dance Hall” installations for you to experience. Haute to Death, a popular nightclub from Detroit will be producing a micro nightclub and sculpture installation, and The HAUNT (in partnership with GIPHY), has created a virtual reality dance hall, so pop on the oculus goggles and dance with the “ghosts of Miami’s past”, all on a light up dance stage. Renowned performance artist Kalup Linzy will be debuting his “Tangled Up” music video series at SATELLITE – so we can also expect live performances from this world-class artist! If you want to play some beer pong, head to the LOG/Camayhus booth where art collective Girl Don’t Be Dumb will challenge you to an epic Beer Pong game. CHASM.NYC is presenting the work of visual artist Julia Sinelnikova, a veteran of the Brooklyn art scene who was recently awarded a large-scale public art commission for the parks department in NYC. While you traverse the halls of SATELLITE please pay attention to all the nooks, crannies and closets as NY Collective Lounge Corp has taken over these locations for some “Fish Bowl Art Exhibitions”.
Aside from a stellar array of fine art presentations, SATELLITE has partnered with NY’s Le Poisson Rouge to produce several after parties. More on that SOON!
Through a regard for collectability but an emphasis on interactivity and unfiltered creative expression, SATELLITE Art Show aims not to compete with its sister satellite fairs but to differentiate itself as the most memorable art-viewing experience visitors will have all week. Expect the unexpected and stay for all the experiences, as no two moments will be the same at SATELLITE. We look forward to welcoming you to our abandoned hotel on the beach. #satelliteartshow #notbasel


Haute to Death; Detroit, MI 
Famous on Mars X Susie Magazine; Brooklyn, NY 
Storefront Project; New York, NY 
Fountain of Pythons; Tampa, FL 
Linear Anagram; Brooklyn NY 
Tempus Projects; Tampa, FL 
Nice’N Easy; Miami, FL 
HOMOCATS; Brooklyn, NY 
Milagros Collective; Miami, FL 
CHASM; Brooklyn, NY 
Mary Sky; Hancock, VT 
BrobDinGnag Collective; Philadelphia, PA 
Meow Wolf; Santa Fe, NM 
Con Artist Collective; New York, NY 
Tanga; Miami, FL 
LOG; Chapel Hill, NC 
JBG Projects; Washington, DC 
The Haunt; Dallas, TX 
Dangerous Rose; New Orleans, LA 
Performance is Alive; New York, NY 
School of Visual Art; New York, NY 
Spectra; New Orleans, LA 
Rochambeau; Los Angeles 
Industry Gallery; Los Angeles, CA 
Duet Gallery; St Louis, MO 
AWOL; Los Angeles, CA 
Lena Marquise & Caspar Petéus; New York, NY 
Secret Project Robot; Brooklyn, NY 
Gravy Studio; Philadelphia, PA 
Coop Art Project; Miami, FL 
Bandler Enterprises; Brooklyn, NY 
Tiger Strikes Asteroid; Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago 
Borscht Corporation; Miami, FL 
Artveer; New York, NY 
Flatsitter; Buffalo, NY 
Lounge Corp; Brooklyn, NY 
Art Center SF; Miami, FL 
Camayuhs; Atlanta, GA


Riccardo Attanasio "Matlakas" (UK), Caitlin Baucom (NYC), Hovey Brock(NYC), Mara Catalan (NYC), Máiréad Grace Delaney (IL), Diane Dwyer(NYC), Shawn Escarciga (NYC), Ayana Evans (NYC), Katya Grokhovsky(NYC), Alexandra Hammond (NYC), PEI-LING HO (Taipei/NYC), Hu Renyi(China/NYC), Cynthia Post Hunt (AR), Tsedaye Makonnen (DC), Luis Mejico(IL), Helina Metaferia (DC), Butch Merigoni (NYC), Verónica Peña (Spain/IN), Keijaun Thomas (IL), Rah (Iran, CAN), Jessica Yatrofsky (NYC), Alice Vogler(NC), Claudia Huiza (Los Angeles, CA).

MUSICAL ACTS: (presented in conjunction with Le Poisson Rouge)

Nightly programing to be presented at local dive "On The Rocks". Full list of talent TBA shortly


December 7th: 12pm – 2pm
2017 HOURS
December 7th: 2pm – 10pm 
December 8th: 2pm – 10pm 
December 9th: 2pm – 10pm 
December 10th: 2pm – 6pm

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