Thursday, August 17, 2017

In Chicago catch Group Exhibition "Woman as Warrior" at Zhou B Art Center 8/18

August 18th, 2017, 7-10pm
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Woman as Warrior

Group Exhibition
Aug 18th - Oct 13th, 2017
Zhou B Haus Der Kunst
Second Floor Gallery
Stephen Wright, JAW (Jack as Warrior), 2017
One's first experience with warriors may have started in the home. For others, encounters with warriors may have been through schools, the work force, homeland, government and/or fighting battles either personal or out in the field. Woman as Warrior is dedicated to the woman who symbolizes a hero among champions.
We are dedicating this exhibition to the woman who symbolizes a hero among champions. Curated by Didi Menendez and Sergio Gomez, this group exhibition features 39 artists and 4 poets. To see the complete list of artists, click the Artsy link below.

The Waiting Room

Berfin Ataman
On view till Aug 18th, 2017
Space Installation
Studio 412
Space installation by Berlin Ataman will be on view for the last day on Aug 18th at the Third Friday.
Berfin Ataman was born in 1990 in Izmir, Turkey. Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 17, she went on to get her BFA in Theatre Design from University of Southern California. She since has been working as a Scenic and a Costume designer for Film and Theatre. She lives in Los Angeles and currently is doing an MFA degree in SAIC.
Surviving cancer caused a shift in perspective. She started questioning the environment that humans have created for themselves. She invites the people to be open and curious about the world they step into and interact with it. Using her background in scenic design and costume design in Film and Theatre, she creates expansive installations that invite the participants to let go of their identity, obligations and the human controlled reality behind, and develop a little bit of an awe for life and nature. 
"This is the waiting room where you can’t control the future, you just wait, and as always, with or without you the future repeats the past over and over again. So I invite you to wait, not knowing the outcome. Only knowing the past, how you got here and this moment. I welcome you to watch the cycle, to remember and forget all at the same time." - Berfin Ataman
Berfin Ataman Website 

Water Lily Pond of Life

Zhou Brothers
Permanent Exhibition
First Floor Gallery

The Zhou Brothers talk about how the idea of building an art center came to mind:
"In the early 90’s, we finished our fourth major museum traveling show in Europe and in 1996 we accepted a professorship in the Hamburg International Academy of Art and Design. During the following years we taught and lectured at the London International Art Academy (England), Salzburg International Summer Academy (Austria), Traunkirchen Summer Academy (Austria), and Kunstakademie Bad Reichenhall (Germany). This allowed us to transport our teaching philosophy and concept of Feelingism, 'Feeling is Liberty,' to students and audiences throughout Europe. Over nearly 20 years we have had thousands of students from all over the world. Using our Feelingism philosophy, these young artists continue to pursue their artistic dreams and are passionate about developing their own artistic styles.

While we were teaching, each time classes finished, all the students stayed together to discuss art, showing their appreciation for our time and hardly being able to say goodbye. Contemplating this feeling, we finished our meetings. We began to frame a fantasy, 'Can we give artists and students a place to create and provide a platform to artistic talent and freedom?' "

-Zhou Brothers Statement 

Open Studios

Lower Level ・ 3rd Floor ・ 4th Floor
Our resident artists welcome you to the space and their current work. 
3 floors of artist studios to visit and over 60 artists in residence.
ACS Gallery, located on the 3rd floor of Zhou B Art Center

ACS Gallery (Arts & Cultural Strategies, Inc.) is housed in one of the most distinguished locations in the Zhou B Art Center. It offers a wide range of works from both emerging and established contemporary artists, and ensures personalized service to its clientele for investment in fine art collections. Renée LaVerné Rose is the founder, agent and curator of ACS Gallery, presenting gallery exhibitions for represented artists, and offering works of other national and international artists by curating online exhibitions. ACS is enriching people’s lives through arts and cultural exchange projects, promoting a blend of internationally known and local emerging artists, amplifying international cultural exchanges, and nurturing artists’ communities.
Artist Directory 
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