Friday, July 28, 2017

Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, a Very interesting necessary dialogue: Capucine Gros Implicit Borders: a cartography of free will

Capucine Gros
Implicit Borders: a cartography of free will

EXTENDED through August 12th
Approximately 199, 2012-present, pigment prints mounted on museum board from hand-printed and hand bound yearly sketchbooks, 7x5 in each
Variation 1, New York
Dear Friends,

For the past two weeks, we've had countless conversations around the notions of territory, identity, nationalism, free will, geopolitics, love, and death. The exhibition implicitly invites dialogue and we've spent the days evolving our understanding of the world. Extending through August 12th, we invite you to lend your gaze and voice to this powerful debut from French artist Capucine Gros.

From the grid of maps of the 199 passport-holding nations, plus one blank work for the 10,000,000 stateless people around the globe, to date we've sold 71 countries, each for approximately US$199. Each acquisition creates conceptual data: Which countries are bought? Why a person chooses a particular nation? Which countries remain behind, unwanted? Capucine will repeat this project around the globe, gathering similar data. Years from now leading to conclusions, questions and ideas about desire, place and context.

The works will be on sale until the exhibition closes on August 12, forming a concrete end to this cultural investigation. We hope you read this and come take part.

This is but one of the works presented in the exhibition.  All deep in commitment, Capucine works on these pieces daily, yearly, or as circumstances change.  Here, at the gallery, she arrives each day at 5pm to mark Human Strokes, an on-going painting started in 2010 and ending with her own death. 
with love, Catinca
Human Strokes, 2010-present, acrylic on canvas and accompanying journals, 71 x 111 in + four volumes citing each death Capucine reads or hears about
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