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IRE ON THE WATER 9 - 19 July 2016, Lecco , The artistic event of the summer on lake Como 2016


9 - 19 July 2016, Lecco
« The artistic event of the summer on lake Como 2016 »
– Made in world –
Fire On The Water 2016


9 July 2016,19.00 – NH Hotel Pontevecchio
Via Azzone Visconti, 84 - Lecco


10 - 19 July 2016 – Art Gallery
Via Pietro Nava, 45 - Lecco

Monday – Thursday: 10.00 - 12.00 / 17.00 – 20.00
Friday – Sunday: 10.00 - 12.00 / 17.00 – 23.00

Lorenzo Chinnici
Art Photography

Nini Ferrara
Fire On The Water 2016

Dorothy De Rubeis

Soprano: Anna Gorbachyova
Tenor: Rodolfo Maria Gordini

Art Critic: Emanuela Catalano
Art Agent: YoungMi Lamine
Art Handler: Christine Bleny
Art Historian: Federica Pasini
Director at Zoneone Arts: Deborah Blakeley
Manager Fine Art & Hospitality: Srijoy Kanjilal


Executive Director: Ampellio Ramaioli
Assistant Director: Lisa Nannavecchia
Public Relations: Matteo Piffaretti
Commercial Officer: Francesca Larosa
Photographer: Stefano Gilardi
Video Maker: Alessio Gilardi
Webmaster: Francesco Dell’Oro


Jazz Singer: Beatrice Zanolini
Guitar: Riccardo Bianchi
Sax: Giulio Visibelli
Double Bass: Roberto Piccolo
Drums: Nicola Stranieri

This multi-focused exhibition presented by Dorothy De Rubeis - the most extroverted Italian gallery owner – presents an intriguing mix of hallmark pieces and new works and is set to become the Artistic Event of Summer on Lake Como.

Fire on the Water is a celebration of the many forms of Italian creativity, including poetry, painting, theatre, fashion, and music. Such complete, multi-faceted, engaging and glamorous artistic events are rarely seen in Italy.

Curator Emanuela Catalano describes the exhibition as “a frame surrounding the figurative art from Maestro Lorenzo Chinnici.”

The goal of the event is to create an unforgettable memory of MADE IN ITALY. Rather than art being confined in solemn, lifeless exhibitions that don’t engage the public, Fire on the Water aims to create a dialogue with the observer and give the art work the glamour it deserves.

The event will be illuminated by the colours of Lorenzo’s paintings, which speak of humanity in opulent yet defeated forms, and the art photography of Nini Ferrara, whose work depicts precise portraits of humanity.

The creativity and the strength which have brought to us the birth of MADE IN ITALY are represented in these pieces.

Live performances will feature high fashion models showcasing dresses created specifically for this exhibition by Katerina Budnikova and inspired by Master Lorenzo Chinnici's paintings.

An enchanting piano will accompany the magnificent voices of Soprano Anna Gorbachyova and the Tenor Rodolfo Maria Bordini who will sing melodies of the Italian Masters. Jazz singer Beatrice Zanolini will remind the audience that with only seven signs of a pentagram, creativity can give rise to endless, infinitely different music combinations.

Poetry readings by Nini Ferrara and Giusy Nicosia will remind us of the delicacy and beauty of words, which can act as a soothing balm for the spirit of the listener.

As in "La Grande Bellezza" of Sorrentino, this artistic meeting - which also has gained the interest of FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) - will celebrate an incredible number of protagonists to create a truly Beautiful Event.

Ampellio Ramaioli, director of this production, has curated everything down to the last detail with the collaboration of Domenico Parisi and his staff at Six Inch. In addition, the owner of the famous Cantina Valenti will be present in order to raise a glass and host a toast with all the guests. He will be at the disposal of the public to showcase and discuss his purple nectar in detail.

We would like to acknowledge and thank World Fashion Channel TV – our official partner for the event.

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