Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Studio Vendome, Annina Roescheisen, April 7-May 5th

Studio Vendome, 330 Spring Street, New York, NY


Studio Vendome, 330 Spring Street, New York, NY

Spanning a five-year period of Roescheisen’s career, this monumental exhibition will feature video, photography, and sculpture: 

A Love Story (2015), comprised of one film, one sculpture, and an edition of nine photographs, Roescheisen exposes the intricacies of our emotions. She refines and enriches her palate, while maintaining her signature expression. This piece transcribes the universal quest to find harmony and discovers that love must be the key.

I Tribe You (2014) touches upon questions of identity and the perception of boundaries between the self and the other.  Conveyed in three films and seven photographs, this piece explores the archaic emotions inherent in each of us.

La Pietà (2013) is composed of five separate films inspired by the artist’s personal journey from childhood to adulthood.  Referencing Christian painting of the 14th and 15th centuries, each video flows into the next revealing a further dimension of the artist’s message.

Please RSVP at athina@annarosathomae.com if you would like to attend. 

Media Contact: Athina Balopoulou, ART Communication +  Brand Consultancy


Two photographies and the video art of Annina Roescheisen's A Love Storyseries will be exhibited at Art Fair Lima from April 21st to April 24th, 2016 ; represented by Yam Gallery (San Miguel de Allende), Lima (Peru).        

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