Thursday, August 6, 2015

Eureka!!! So Says Archimedes. Come see the Archimedes Bath Tub Exhibition,

Eureka!!! So Says Archimedes. Come see the  Archimedes Bath Tub Exhibition,  A metaphoric expression of artistic merit: Right up my alley! How about yours?

Lorimoto Gallery:16-23 Hancock St. Ridgewood NY 11385

... Midway between the unintelligible and the commonplace, it is a metaphor most which produces knowledge......(Aristotle).

... Metaphor lives in the mid way space viewing the infinite.  Metaphor can be said to be the verb of the mind lending description to the never-changing. ....
 Language as Metaphor,J.Forbes©JamieForbes/ SunStormArtsPub.Co.Inc

"Archimedes' Bathtub" Exhibition
a show of work by the New York Foundation for the Arts 
(NYFA) 2014 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program curated by Julian A. Jimarez Howard at Lorimoto Gallery.  

I am very happy to announce my first co-organized group show with Liene Bosque.  

Opening Reception and block party: Saturday, August 8, 2-6pmOn View: August 8 - August 23, 2015 Gallery Hours: Thursday - Sunday, 1-6pm

Lorimoto Gallery:16-23 Hancock St. Ridgewood NY 11385

L Train to Halsey (2 blocks down Wyckoff to Hancock St.) or L & M to Myrtle/Wyckoff (5 blocks down Wyckoff to Hancock st.)

Featured artists include:
Ekaterina Aksenova
Julio Austria
Karine Baptiste
Cândida Borges
Liene Bosquê
Alva Calymayor
Natalia Cavalcante
Sophia Chizuco
Helen Dennis
Katya Grokhovsky
Kiana Honarmand
Denise Iris
Mersiha Mesihovic
Ido Michaeli
Suyeon Na
Eva Nikolova
Amela Parcic
Sepideh Salehi
Runn Shayo
Claudia Sohrens
Denise Treizman
Tuo Wang

Archimedes’ Bathtub takes its name from the over 2000 year old tale in which the storied Greek scientist discovered the answer to a question regarding the purity of a King’s crown by observing the rising of water as he settled into his bathtub; realizing that the phenomenon of aquatic displacement was a metric for determining the volume, then density, and subsequent purity of the State’s embodiment, Archimedes ran naked and jubilant through the streets shouting “Eureka!” This is often presented as a narrative of singular genius in service to mathematics (or a sovereign), however, it can also be seen as a metaphysical parable in which an individual can better observe the volume of their being in the displacement of that which surrounds them.

By using the more novel assessment of volumetric displacement as a metaphorical guidepost, this expansive exhibition brings together the work of 22 foreign born artists, all participants in the 2014 edition of the NYFA’s Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program. Ranging in mediums, the politics of space and body eke themselves through sculpture and drawing, through videos, installations, photographs, paintings, and performances. These varied works vividly assert themselves as comments on the textured shape and fragility inherent to societal notions of reality, while simultaneously reflecting the idiosyncrasies of the commenter’s own filtered view as strangers in a strange land. Indeed, the artworks then, are the observed effect of our own displacement wading through the muddy waters of culture.

"You've got mail!"
at Ground Floor Gallery
343 5th St., Brooklyn, NY 11215

Please join us for the closing party Thursday, August 13, from 6 - 8pm to check out our dynamic display of over 233 works by artists from all over the country and globe at $50 each! 10% of each purchase goes to Arts Gowanus, our incredibly talented and creative artist community. I will be there around 7pm.


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