Friday, March 20, 2015

The Olga Korper Gallery :‘Snow in Jerusalem’, a solo exhibition of work by renowned Israeli artist Sigalit Landau.‘Snow in Jerusalem’ will open March 28th

The Olga Korper Gallery

s pleased to present ‘Snow in Jerusalem’, a solo exhibition of work by renowned Israeli artist Sigalit Landau.

‘Snow in Jerusalem’ will open March 28th and will remain on view until April 25th. The opening takes place on Saturday, March 28th from 2-5pm, and the artist will be making a special trip in from Tel Aviv to be in attendance. 

The exhibition features a selection of Sigalit’s salt works, sculptures, photography, and video as it relates to memory, history, belonging, and transcendent transformation.

Born in 1969 in Jerusalem, Sigalit Landau has cultivated a dialogue between her work and her home, inspired by the ancient land which can be in turns lush paradise and harsh desert, fraught with political, ecological, and emotional turmoil spanning centuries: history in Israel is ever-present.

Many of the works selected for ‘Snow in Jerusalem’ deal with the sentimentality and loneliness that are inevitably intertwined with the nature of belonging: I am of this land, and, this land is mine. Landau pushes the boundaries of emotional wordplay with a series of neon diptychs couched inside small heaters: home/sick, home/less, go/home. Juxtaposed by their containers, the word pairings give the illusion of spreading warmth, while the powerful message remains cold, honest, and often heartbreaking.

Landau’s ‘Oh My Friends, There Are No Friends’ features 12 bronze shoes in a circle, tied together by their laces. Originally a quote by Aristotle, the paradox of ‘friends, and simultaneous lack thereof’ reflects on the malleable politics of friendship, and the organic laws by which friends can become enemies, and enemies, friends. The walls and borders that define or land, our class, our allies and foes can last hundreds of years, but are nevertheless impermanent. ‘Oh My Friends, There Are No Friends’ is an anti-monument: we can step out of our shoes for the sake of escape, of dissonance, of perpetuating a history of violence, but we are nevertheless tied to one another in this life, and those shoes are our responsibility to fill.
Landau’s compositions are always precise, metaphorical, and exceptionally beautiful. They delve into the interdependence of human beings, relationships and playfulness that survive in spite of political overtures. Her works explore fear, hope, and loneliness – the core feelings in history, literature, and life that bind us to one another and narrate our common destiny.

You can see more of Sigalit's work by visiting her website here.

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