Thursday, August 26, 2010

John C. Kuchera to show at Armory 25th and Lexington this weekend.

nuns of redeption
Armory Art Show
August 27,28 & 29th
25th and Lexington

Please consider joining
John C. Kuchera this weekend at Convergence.
This is a huge Art Show, with over 100 Artist.

Thank You, John
Lead the Band: oil on canvas
Star Talk
About John C. Kuchera
To who it concerns: John C. Kuchera is now living in Harlem, a downtown boy from the early 1980s is now enjoying the open spaces uptown. John C. Kuchera has been painting and drawing for years, his style is refreshing and enjoyable, he uses many a medium but he likes pen and Ink and oils with acrylic. A Printer, Photographer a Porter at Columbia University, Farm worker, Security Guard in Maine (guarding Mice) a Janitor cleaning banks, even a copy writer, his most famous copy was, Yes, Virginia we do toilets (for a Cleaning service)
© Kuchera

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