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Opera Fans Catch the American Opera Project

Happy New Year!!

Thank you so much for your support with our end of the year fundraiser! Thanks to all your donations- big and small- we can continue to give voice to new opera, singers, instrumentalists, training, and community!

Wishing you a wonderful 2023,

The American Opera Project

A personal thank you from Takesha Meshé Kizart-Thomas, Director of Development and Greater Impact at The American Opera Project:

It’s never too late to Give Voice…

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Join us for Six Scenes!

We would be honored if you started your new year with us and joined on either January 8th (Manhattan) or January 10th (Brooklyn) for Cycle 11’s Six Scenes Program. Six Scenes is just one of many AOP programs made possible by your generous support.

Tickets are $25.

Sunday, January 8th, 2023

7:30 PM

National Opera Center

Rehearsal Hall

330 7th Avenue, 7th Floor

New York, NY, 10001

Reserve tickets for January 8th

Tuesday, January 10th, 2023

7:30 PM

South Oxford Space

The Great Room

138 South Oxford Street 

Brooklyn, NY, 11217

Reserve tickets for January 10th

Cycle 11 Composers and Librettists

Jeesun Choi / Librettist

Isabella Dawis / Librettist

Troy Defour / Librettist

Gabrielle Herbst / Composer

J.E. Hernández / Composer

Raquel Acevedo Klein / Composer

Paul Pinto / Composer

Tidtaya Sinutoke / Composer

Ania Vu / Composer

Six Scenes Singers:

Justine Aronson / Light Coloratura Soprano

Emily Mwila / Lyric Soprano

Max Potter / Mezzo-Soprano

Aaren Rivard / Tenor

Phillip Bullock / Baritone

Kofi Hayford / Bass

Six Scenes Music Directors:

Mila Henry

Kelly Horsted

Six Scenes Stage Directors:

Matt Gray

Kimille Howard


SE LEVANTA – Raquel Acevedo Klein (composer and librettist)

The relationship between a brother and sister living in two separate worlds is reshaped by a series of natural disasters and the cultural dissonance between the US mainland and Puerto Rico.

MAZE – J.E. Hernández (composer) and Troy Defour (librettist)

A chamber opera, Maze details an allegorical space where recovering substance addicts battle a relapse.

LITTLE DUGONG AND HER SEAGRASS SONG – Tidtaya Sinutoke (composer) and Isabella Dawis (librettist)

Off the coast of the island of Phuket in southern Thailand, a lost young dugong (a type of manatee) sings in search of her mother. When a monkey and an elephant arrive at the shore, frantically searching for a lost jade bracelet, the three animals must learn to put aside the destructive behaviors they’ve picked up from humans, and to find what they’re looking for together.

THROUGH THE DOORS – Ania Vu (composer and librettist)

A young girl Odessa and her father, an obsessive metronome-maker, live together remotely and peacefully. One day, a soldier arrives to deliver some news that will change the course of the characters' lives forever. 

BRUNCH ANGELS – Gabrielle Herbst (composer and librettist)

Brunch Angels is set in a New York City restaurant and shares the experience of three servers in a fancy, fast-paced atmosphere – the food and drink, the camaraderie and complications, and sometimes, the loss and grief felt while on the job.

INFLUENCE – Paul Pinto (composer) and Jeesun Choi (librettist)

When social media influencers Tommy and Sally reboot their account after a shocking fallout, their ex-partner Gorgo hijacks their livestream to jolt them out of their sponsored lifestyle.

Please note that masks are required at all performances.


Steven Osgood / C&V Artistic Director

Mila Henry / Head of Music

Matt Gray / Head of Drama

AOP's Composers & the Voice is a two-year, tuition-free fellowship for composers and librettists that provides experience writing for the voice and opera stage. The Composers & the Voice training program is a competitive biannual fellowship offered to composers, librettists, and composer/librettist teams. Created and led by Composers & the Voice Artistic Director Steven Osgood, the two-year fellowship includes a year of working with the company’s Resident Ensemble of Singers and professional instructors followed by a year of continued promotion and career development through AOP and its strategic partnerships. Since launching in 2002, C&V has fostered the development of over 75 composers & librettists.

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Composers & the Voice is made possible in part by a generous multi-year award from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and a Grants for Arts Projects award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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