Thursday, July 8, 2021

Blank Slate opens with an exhibit of Divine Williams, "Rise of a Movement: BLM", call for viewing appointment.

Divine William's photo exhibit, "Rise of a Movement: BLM", at the newly established gallery and visual studio, Blank Slate, located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. This exhibit will be on display through July 10. Gallery hours are Monday – Friday from 6pm – 10pm and Saturday – Sunday from 1pm – 10pm. This show is the third exhibit of the "Inaugural Summer Series" hosted by Blank Slate. 

Divine Williams, a Trinidadian photographer based in Brooklyn, has been traveling and documenting the aftermath of police brutality and the evolving Black Lives Matter movement for over seven years. This exhibit features her collection "We March for our Brother" (Trayvon Martin, 2013- based in NYC); "Uprising in Ferguson" (Michael Brown, 2014- based in Ferguson, Missouri); “Memorial of Sterling” (Alton Sterling, 2016, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana); and “The Last Straw”(George Floyd, 2020 based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and NYC). 

Viewings are by appointment only, please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this exhibit and/or future events. Thank you! 

Best regards, - Jenn Spencer

Jennifer Spencer
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