Friday, January 4, 2013

Women's Studio Workshop Classes in Europe!

SAI is Going Abroad!

On the fence about joining Women's Studio Workshop for class in Europe this summer? Prepare to be won over by the gorgeous locations we snagged for our classes! Shelley Thorstensen will be teaching "Color into Print" in the profoundly beautiful Tuscany, located deep in wine country. Meanwhile, Tatana Kellner and Susan Fateh are in charge of our brand new addition to the SAI line-up, "Printing at the Edge," they're taking over a lighthouse on the gorgeous shores in Rubha Reidh, Scotland.

Picture the colors of Tuscany, changing hues from dawn to dusk. Rolling landscapes of yellow ochre and verde fields accented by vermillion, poppy, terra-cotta, siena, and umber earth. White-washed medieval architecture surrounded by century-old olive groves. Sepia pasta with porcini fired over the grill, that golden oil which is at times lime or pure molten ore. 

You'll be surrounded by the timeless, pastoral beauty of Tuscany.

Antica Tenuta le Casacce dates back to 1260 with history as an oil press site. Now, recently renovated in the 1990's, this Tuscan beauty is now the site for producing an extraordinary type of extra virgin olive oil.

The breathtaking natural scenery of Tuscany can best be enjoyed by walking, cycling, or riding throughout the area. 
Color Into Print
Shelley Thorstensen
July 9 - 18
$4100 single/ $3700 double
Register online or by calling: (845) 658-9133

Gorgeous endless skies, rugged cliffs, shimmering shores, and exquisitely long, long days with lingering sunsets. Rubha Reidh (also known as Rua Reidh) in Scotland showcases some of the best mountain and coastal scenery available in Britain. 

Spend nine days not only learning printmaking, but discovering the natural beauty of this road-less countryside and all of the incredible wildlife inhabiting it. Rubha Reidh is home to the magnificent, and incredibly rare, golden eagle. Dolphins, seals, otters, and even whales can be seen from the shores of this magnificent location.

Take a hike along the seaside cliffs, through the ancient woodland moors, and along the sandy beaches breathing in the fresh air of Scotland.    
Printing at the Edge
Tatana Kellner and
Susan Fateh
June 17- 26
$3600 single/ $3150 double

Registration Deadline: Jan. 31
Register online, or by calling:

Call WSW at 845.658.9133 to register today!
For more information, check out our website:

Women's Studio Workshop 
PO Box 489  
Rosendale, NY 12472 

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