Friday, April 27, 2012

Exhibition for "National Days of Remembrance"

Michael Knigin's Exhibition for "National Days of Remembrance"
Photos from Tuesday, April 17th

In honor of National Days of Remembrance for the Holocaust (April 15-22) the photography committee presented a two-part show. Joyce Chasan presented the photomontages of artist Michael Knigin.  Dr. Stanley Burns showcased original images, documents and his series of multimedia photographs.

Joyce Chasan, Marilyn Church,  andJoan Kraisky Knigin

Guest, Joyce Chasan, Dr. Stanley B. Burns, Joan Kraisky Knigin, and Marilyn Church

Knigin used images of the Nazi era and Holocaust to create an emotional response to the horrors of the time.  He records the dehumanization of mankind in a skilful juxtapositioning that takes the images from their mundane context and reorganizes them, granting them a new life.  Michael's goal was to indelibly imprint on our souls images that would facilitate remembrance. Michael died last year and his widow Joan Kraisky has continued his legacy by providing the images for this show. Knigin's work is included in over 60 museums and corporate collections.

Carla Baker, Dr. Robert Baker, and Joyce Chasan

Dr. Stanley B. Burns, Carla Baker, and Dr. Robert Baker
Collector and curator Dr. Stanley B. Burns, who owns one of the largest Judaica and Holocaust photographic collections showcased some of the well known images of the era. Some of the images related to German oppression of Jews prior to the war, others related directly to the Shoah. Accompanying the images was original documents of the time. Dr. Burns, for the first time, presented from his own series of multimedia art works images of regular Nazi soldiers (non SS) who believed in the Nazi dream and who eagerly and aggressively played their part in the Shoah. These previously unseen and unpublished works will become icons of the era as they dramatically illustrate the extent of everyday abuse of Jews and their communities by the Wehrmacht. Dr. Burns has produced over 50 exhibitions always surprising his audience with new visual experiences.  

Carla Baker, Dr. Robert Baker, and Krysia Fisher

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