Monday, May 2, 2011

See what Alex Salazar of SanDiego has to say about the art market

Newsletter May 2011
Dear Friends!

On April 29, 2011, The Wall Street Journal proclaimed - THE ART MARKET SNAPS BACK.  I could not agree more!  After a successful weekend of art sales at Mission Federal Artwalk, we are excited to announce that Alexander Salazar Fine Art continues to match collectors with strong works of art.

Visit us in May for some fabulous exhibitions! Also, off-site installations by Alexander Salazar Fine Art can be found at Graham Downes Architecture, FIT Athletic, Tommy V;s in Del Mar, and Eden San Diego.  Projects at the W Hotel, and Aquazul Spa at Hilton Bayfront will commence this month.  These off-site projects are part of the galleries commitment to enhance San Diego by placing artwork in public spaces.  Installation is funded and curated by Alexander Salazar Fine Art.

This summer will prove to be an amazing time of year for art events in San Diego.  I hope to see you at our upcoming exhibitions.


Alexander Salazar

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