Thursday, February 24, 2011

White Slab Palace

White Slab Palace
77 Delancey Street
New York, NY 1000

Art folks, before getting wrapped up in glamorous art parties and the business of collecting during New York’s Armory Week, the pulse of emerging new media arts is happening right here on the gritty grounds of White Slab Palace. Opening the 2011 Armory Week is “Sonic Architextures”, an evening of performances remixing strands of analog and digital improvisations – a balance of post-punk impulses, subliminal electronics, vinyls and harp with arty experimental films, including Rey Parla's “Rumba Abstracta” and Peter Gregorio’s “Holographic Principal Generator”. Framing the night’s performances are Maximus Clarke’s Anaglyph 3-D spectacles dubbed FREEDOM FILTERS. Audiences are encouraged to participate and have their portraits taken on the green screen for future retrospection. Thomas Watkiss opens the night with hypnotic drones meticulously composed to set the ambiance. Using dense layers of symphonic chords, composer Zach Layton performs an improvised set with special guest. Renowned as the avant-garde ensemble – MERCE is the musical vision of Maria Chavez and Shelley Burgon – creating a sonic atmosphere Chavez’s turntables culls from her “pencils of sound” while Burgon’s harp melodies unifies the whole experience. Tonight, Merce collaborates with visual artist Rey Parla, whose rigorous and experimental multimedia work is a dance of stimulating visual music.

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