Monday, September 6, 2010

Light art Biennial Austria 2010

Light art Biennial Austria 2010

The first „Lightart Biennale Austria 2010“ is a non-commercial exhibition of lightart. There are light-artists as well as visual artists who uses light as an art-medium.  The Biennale 2010 is using the slogan „private light in public spaces“.

The Lightart-Biennale Austria 2010 starts in autumn 2010 in Austria, consultant is Peet Thomsen (USA/Copenhagen/Linz) and the works are selected by a jury.

The start of the Biennale will be September 1st in Linz and September 4th 2010 in Perchtoldsdorf, with a final exhibition in Vienna in November 2010.  We keep the public informed about the  Biennale with a Blog, a Website and a planned printed catalogue. The submissions can be watched on . Selected artists and exhibition spaces can be seen on .

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